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Michael Stephan, managing Director and founder of IFunded
image: iFunded

How is the Startup scene in the real estate industry? Every week presents us a creative PropTech – or FinTech companies. Today: the FinTech companies iFunded from Berlin.

The founder

The founder of iFunded Michael Stephan (46). He is a fully qualified lawyer and has over 16 years of experience in Venture Capital, Corporate Finance and Digital media. For five years he has worked at a leading German Venture Capital company as General counsel. He was also head of the capital markets area of a Bank, area Manager at Payback (American Express), and has built two start-UPS.

The idea

With the Crowdfunding platform can institutional and private investors participate in real estate projects of their choice and according to the company, yields up to seven percent. The platform will connect the successful concept of the swarm of financing with technology and attractive investment opportunities in the real estate industry. The topic of Crowdfunding for real estate, according to iFunded fast, flexible and transparent, and is of growing interest among property developers, in addition to the classical Bank financing. In order to be sustainably successful, digital Know-how and extensive experience in the real estate industry needed. The company will offer its partner network.

image: iFunded


regulatory Crowdfunding in Germany is still new territory. The company wants to simplify the real estate financing, both for the investors as well as for the developers using the technology. As important, therefore, to obtain the highest possible flexibility. The platform was built from the ground up on yourself.

Planned Changes

The Vision of the founder, is a global investment platform for real estate. Therefore, not only the typical subordinate loan will be offered to other structures. With time, larger projects are in the pipeline, for which a BaFin-prospectus will be created.

The difference compared to established companies

As a FinTech company iFunded sees its strength in technology and digital marketing. Here, the company is well-established players in the real estate industry. In particular, it values the case of iFunded continuous data and test new digital marketing channels. Thus a developer would get in marketing their projects much more attention than traditional mezzanine financing. From the point of view of the founder of the financing of the real estate industry is currently experiencing a new Form of digitisation. Through its own lean structures, the company can implement, for example, investment or banking related processes quickly and flexibly.

note: All information is own data of the company for iFunded.

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