Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Technology: Artificial worlds as mass market – Exchange Online

 Pokémon hunting, 360 degree video, data eyeglasses: Virtual reality is on the rise and according to analysts soon a billion dollar business. Which stocks will benefit from it. By Andreas Meyer

Believe analysts predict it will, virtual reality (VR) the next big thing – not only in the child’s game world, but in all relevant areas of society, from trade to education to medicine. Virtual reality is becoming a new mass medium and is in accordance with the social media, the next step for the digitization of our lives.

So what is happening in the future market of virtual reality? In the electronics and entertainment industry a gold rush mood. It is becoming a new growth market. The mass hysteria to Nintendo’s “Pokemon Go” has helped the years discussed potentials of virtual reality applications and finally in front of a world audience breakthrough.

The most important strike for the VR-market are the videos in addition to games. More specifically: 360 degree videos that can be soon easily even rotated by more and more users and posted online. Since early last year YouTube has enabled a feature that allows you to upload 360 degree videos. Prerequisite for the further spread of course, the respective cameras. At the Mobile World Congress MWC in Barcelona in February this were the same presented by multiple vendors. Including the new Facebook Partner Samsung with its new omnidirectional camera “Gear 360″.

Goldman Sachs predicts that by 2025 a total of 80 billion US dollars to be earned. Exciting it is not only in the software segment, as it operated Nintendo, but also in the hardware. The experts at Gartner see sales of VR hardware climb in the next two years 140 000 to 6.6 million units. According to calculations from Digi-Capital, the global PR market in 2020 will be at 30 billion US dollars. Analysts at Citigroup by 2020 and even by a -Marktvolumen of 200 billion US dollars. Although the forecasts partly indeed diverge frightening, yet they have at least one thing in common: All are forecasting a steep growth curve.

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