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Better photos thanks to Qualcomm: clearsight-presented technology – Caschys Blog (Blog)

artikel_qualcommQualcomm is certainly the most readers. Just the processor series Snapdragon is used in numerous Smartphones, Tablets, Smartwatches, etc. But also in the field of Smartphone cameras, the company and the Name behind it is no stranger. So you’ve already supports plenty of Smartphones with Dual camera. The dual cameras were last updated, mainly due to the P9 of the Huawei significantly more presence in the media, miss you photos much more contrast and sharpness. Now Qualcomm wants to bring to market a module that will supports the two lenses and after the model of the human eye work.

the clearsight, the Name of the technology, consists of a single module. It stored two separate cameras (each with its own lens and Sensor) and a Qualcomm Spectra processor, which acts as ISP (Image Signal Processor) and the tasks of the image processing, assume

clear-sight-diagram-featureThe principle looks at the end as well as the already-mentioned P9. One of the cameras captures a colored image, the second one is robbed of their color and ensures “only” the Black/White data of the image. This allows the S/W Sensor, up to three Times more light information to be understood and to produce better contrast, sharpness and less noise in Low-Light area. If you put a colour and image in black and white, the result is a very sharp and strong photo. Here, the Spectra ISPs should process both images exactly to the millisecond in parallel, and merge.

Interesting to clearsight is that the technology is similar to the image processing in the human eye works, and so the optimal ratio of contrast, color and sharpness to produce. An ambitious objective.

Technically, it is the same cameras. However, missing in the camera for the light perception of the color filter on the Top Layer, so you don’t have to capture colors, but all the more better with Low-light scenarios. The photos have less noise and are generally sharper.

The technology which is used for the image ultimately responsible, is called the Qualcomm Spectra – an ISP (Image Signal Processor) and is included in the latest processors Snapdragon 820 and 821. It is the color image and the light image or Black-and-White image to a together and process at the same time.

(via Qualcomm Blog)

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