Wednesday, September 7, 2016

New York Stock Exchange: Technology values ​​reach record levels – Handelsblatt

trader at the New York stock exchange

If the Fed interest rates actually increase in September

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New York on Wall Street on Wednesday are technology stocks have gone on record hunt. The selection indices Nasdaq 100 and Nasdaq Composite were up in early trading and thus each reached new highs. For good mood worried about a good prognosis of the disk and memory product manufacturer Western Digital.

The Nasdaq 100 rose temporarily by 0.11 percent to 4834.99 points, the Nasdaq Composite advanced by 0.15 percentage to 5283.86 before counter. Your highs totaled 4839.592 or 5287.61 points.

Otherwise, however, prevailed in the US stock market initially more restraint. So the Dow Jones Industrial was last 0.10 percent lower at 18,519 points. For the broad S & P 500 index was about 0.01 percent to 2186 points down. He was so still around eight points away from a record high

Frankfurt Stock Exchange . Dax makes annual losses up for it

Because of the unclear outlook for Fed policy is growing among professional investors Nervousness. Nevertheless, the German index DAX was able to make up of trading floor. He finished as high as ever this year. more …

In the course of the economic report of the US Federal Reserve (Fed) will be published. Investors hope to achieve Hinwiese on further monetary policy. Several US central bankers had expressed sympathy for a speedy increase in the past few weeks.

Last but there were some unexpectedly weak economic data. This raised the issue of whether the Fed is the US economy actually expose in September higher interest rates or this step ventured only in December.

In the individual values, among other things, the shares of HD Supply, the focus was. They lost at times more than twelve percent. The One of the largest US building-service Group had presented weaker than expected quarterly results.

Chipotle shares rose, however, in the meantime by about six percent. The investor William Ackman has acquired almost a tenth of the snack chain. The papers of the former stock market high-flyer who vigorously lost value after the end of 2015 were detected in Chipotle stores coli bacteria and salmonella. Numerous customers had fallen ill after eating.


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