Sunday, September 25, 2016

Technology: Europe has little chance against US dominance –

The new draft of the EU on the digitisation will not only strengthen Europe’s Position in the world market, the US magazine Politico. The Americans assume that the lead of Google and Facebook could not be recouped.

The European Commission presented last week in Strasbourg, its approach to the digital economy of the 21st century. Century in Europe. The great Vision, writes Chris Spillane in the US magazine Politico has degenerated into a patchwork of compromises and subject to change. “Ambitions, the interent-access to massively expand, will also depend in the future on the willingness of companies to cooperate. The measures adopted could artists and publishers to give a louder voice, but not a guarantee of a fair remuneration. Technology giants like Google, Facebook and Skype will have a more regulatory setting, because the Commission wants to protect old industries,” writes Politico. On Wednesday, the Commissioner for the digital …

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