Saturday, September 17, 2016

Apple is working with Energous to new Wireless Charging technology? – I – Apple News from Cupertino

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Periodically, the rumor appeared that Apple is working on a wireless charging option for the iPhone. So far, the iPhone manufacturer has not presented such an application, however. Apple gave us to understand, that today’s technologies offer no real advantage to the traditional Charging of an iPhone. VentureBeat has now again reason to believe that Apple is facing the issue of Wireless Charging is closer than initially assumed.


Wireless Charging

The alleged project is to take Apple in collaboration with Energous. Energous has already been launched in the run-up to Apple, as the Wireless Charging specialized companies, announced the collaboration with one of the five largest manufacturers of consumer electronics.

Now, published documents of Energous, the act, among other things, an “Apple compliance testing”. Because in the SEC filing, Apple is listed by name, an advanced cooperation.

We expect that our products and/or the reference designs will


In the context of a view on a project of Energous is very interesting. With WattUp, the energy experts want to simplify the Charging of energy cells. Instead of the device on a Charging Mat, to allow the new technology to Recharge within 4.5 meters. More information can be found on the website of Energous.

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