Friday, September 23, 2016

More comfort and safety in sports with Certain technology – PRWEB (press release)

The Olimpica tennis sports facility in Rezzato has CERTAINLY LED luminaires equipped its tennis courts. As a sports centre for Brescia and its surroundings, the tennis center includes eight tennis courts, four Indoor courts, and an indoor soccer field and a 18-hole mini-Golf course. For the Manager of the sports centre, the proper illumination of the fields is extremely important, so that all players feel comfortable. Because the decides on the optimum sports and Workout conditions. Therefore, Olimpica Tennis, the LED technology has been widely used by for sure.

40 Smart [4] 5+5L light up the 4 Indoor tennis courts, 4 outdoor fields, as well as another special field, together 4000 sqm brighten. In addition to the immediately visible improvement of the visual comfort thanks to the new LED lights compared with the traditional 400W lights could be increased by the innovative Smart [4] LED technology also the safety for all athletes in the sports centre.

Smart [4] is suitable ballproof according to DIN 18031-3, and for use in sports venues. All of the Smart [4]-versions with-clamp – LB|HB and FL are for wall and ceiling mounting and shock resistance IK08. The connection and mounting system offers full protection and functionality at every stress. In addition to safety, the Smart [4] guarantees technology maximum energy savings. After the Installation of the SURE-lights, the sports facility was able to reduce the energy consumption of each of the game fields during the main season of 3.44 kW to 1.1 kW, which leads to an estimated 68% savings in total energy consumption .

Massimo Ogna, Manager and co-owner of the Olimpica tennis courts underscore that We are his decision with the comment: “very satisfied with the Performance of the Smart[4]-lights of CERTAINLY. The difference to the previous System is obvious: the illumination is much more uniform, improved visual comfort, which contributes to better performance of the players and provides more security “

SMART[4] 2.0
The redesigned Smart [4] 2.0 series is the latest in Extreme High Power LEDs from CREE (XHP70). The new Generation of LEDs can CERTAINLY increase the Performance of the entire Smart[4]-series significantly and receives up to a 20% increase in the efficiency of the system. An improvement, which has two important aspects: in addition to the substantial reduction in the power consumption at the same light intensity, a stable luminous flux for a much longer period (L80 up to 100,000 h).

With Smart[4] 2.0 CERTAINLY contribute to the reduction of Emissions and consumption values that were defined in the climate and energy package 2020. Fundamentally for lighting systems that are energy-friendly and efficient in their production and application.

With the lights Serie Smart[4] 2.0 be exploited to the full the advantages of the LED technology for the best visual comfort again, and so energy savings of 50% to 80%. Smart[4] is lightweight and sustainable, and available in various designs. With a variety of mounting systems and different power of the lamp is used the stages as a flat hall light (direct ceiling mounting), hall pendant lamp or headlight. Due to the modular versatility, the lamp can be installed in the most diverse areas, from the robust industry environment, facilities to sports (ball-proof), in the Indoor and outdoor space. The benefits are impressive: by the horizontal and vertical modularity of the series on the easiest Installation and maintenance, use of ecological, “green” materials (plastic, recyclable and aluminum with an extremely low copper content), an environment-friendly production process, to the easy disassembly and environmentally friendly disposal at the end of their life time.

Smart[4] is a innovative technology built into a minimalist, clear style. All the benefits of LED technology to reflect light, small, practical, robust – the Design of the lamp. The use of Power LEDs with high color rendering, optical systems with high efficiency (Reflectors, collimators, lenses) and the various configuration options make the Smart [4] for the ideal solution for minimizing operating costs while maximizing the light output for best comfort in the workplace.

The Smart[4] System is available in six different optics available: four balanced (100°, 60°, 30°, 10°), an elliptical (60°x120°) and asymmetrical (52°). The different rated currents of light ranging from 2000 lumens up to 26.500 lumens (25-232W, incl. Loss of performance). The System can be mounted in different ways: In the Version with the spring plate is attached to the housing, the base plate, and push in the steel spring snapped; the waterproof connector (IP68) is used, the lamp is permanently connected to AC power without opening the luminaire.
The development of the new Smart[4] 2.0 enables sustainable Upgrades, so that conventional lighting systems can be quickly, easily and cost-effectively replaced.

Smart[4] 2.0 is available in two versions:

  • Smart[4] LB|HB: high Bay luminaire: techno-polymer frame, aluminum die-casting heat sink with a low content of copper, galvanized mounting plate, steel, stainless steel mounting spring, protection rating IP66 and impact resistance level IK08, glow-wire test 650°/850°.
  • Smart[4] FL: headlights: techno-polymer frame, aluminum die-casting heatsink, glass frame and strap joints in die cast Aluminium with low copper content, safety glass, toughened safety glass (4mm), galvanized mounting plate, steel, stainless steel mounting spring, protection rating IP66 and impact resistance degree IK10, glow-wire test 850°.

The production process and the materials used meet the latest environmental policies, conserve resources and the environment. With the Smart [4] can be realized for a new installation or the lighting in an existing facility in the easiest way.


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