Thursday, September 1, 2016

Telecommunications – Federal Network Agency approves Vectoring … – Sü

Direct from the dpa news channel

Bonn (dpa) – The Federal Network Agency has used the green light for the expansion of fast Internet connections, where the controversial Vectoring technology


the President of the Bundesnetzagentur Jochen Homann said on Wednesday the move would “contribute decisively promote the widespread deployment of broadband networks.” With vectoring technology copper cable lines download speeds of up to 100 megabits per second can be achieved in conventional.

The Authority informed simultaneously with the German Telekom had herself committed “nationwide all vicinities with the vectoring technology to open up “.

however, the new technology is not without controversy. The telecom competitors complained that order in the affected areas ceased to exist as the economic basis for expanding significantly faster fiber lines. In addition, it is technically known as that only one provider Vectoring can expand in a short range. The Telekom competitors see it as a massive threat to competition.

Therefore, the decision also includes terms under which competitors can get from the Telekom access to the “last mile” to the customer in the coming years, as the network Agency emphasized. Furthermore, the Telekom competitors can take under certain circumstances even the development of vicinities with vectoring.


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