Thursday, September 1, 2016

IFA: Samsung equips monitors and TV sets on with Quantum dot technology – ABC Online

Samsung uses in its displays and TV sets at IFA in Berlin on the technology Quantum Dot.

On Thursday, the company presented the first claims to be bent Monitor the world with the technology. It should be suitable especially for games that require a quick response time. The “CF791″ is infinitely adjustable in height and has either a 24 or 27 inch, slightly curved screen. With a response time of one millisecond and 144 Hertz refresh rate it lend itself perfectly for games, said Samsung manager Michael Zoeller.

The foundations for the technology dates back to 1980. Three decades have used it to shrink the technology for use in displays, Zoeller said. In this tiny nanocrystals provide on a slide on the screen for a more brilliant, more brightness and color variety. At the same time less energy consumed will.

With a screen size of 88 inch Samsung shows in Berlin also has a very large TV with Quantum Dot. Additional effect of nano-technology is a longer life, Zoeller said.


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