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Bitkom study on consumer technology: Virtual Reality has … – Computer Week

The virtual reality (VR) has huge potential, showing not only the hype about Pokémon Go. This is evidenced by the trend study “Consumer Technology 2016″, Bitkom and Deloitte presented.

After Bitkom study one  billion euros will be implemented in 2020 with VR  in Deutschand.
After a Bitkom study be implemented in 2020 in Deutschand one billion euros with VR .
Photo: Bitkom

According to the study, more than half (59 percent) of Germans over 14 years already of Virtual reality goggles heard or read and almost one in three (31 percent) can even imagine to use a VR glasses. Almost one in ten (9 percent) have already tried a VR glasses.

Potential users interested Bitkom mainly for the possibility, computer and video games in virtual reality experience (41 percent). Also, respondents could imagine to tour with VR goggles places (35 percent) to experience music concerts (23 percent) or movies (20 percent) and sporting events to look (19 percent). “We are still in an early market phase of this exciting technology,” says Timm Lutter, Bitkom expert for Consumer Electronics & amp; Digital Media. “The success of VR stands and depends heavily on having matching content. We see meaningful applications for virtual reality among others in the conversation, in the media industry or in tourism. Above all, the gaming industry will accelerate the development of sales.”

According to the Trend Study 158 million euros in sales is in Germany in 2016 made with Virtual Reality expected. Of this amount, EUR 129 million on hardware such as VR goggles and 29 million euro to specific visual content. For 2020, the study of a forecast for virtual reality sales in the German market in the amount of one billion euros. With virtual reality development has not yet reached the end, because the next spectacle generation stands already in the starting blocks: So-called mixed-reality glasses, where the reality is superimposed holographic images, achieve in the coming years, market


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