Sunday, September 18, 2016

BMW relies on E-technology! – – Financial Meeting

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in the last week has been increasingly called our contribution to the BMW. We had reported that BMW would place more emphasis on electric cars, even if the regular market looks now also good, because in July BMW had “the best July of all time” report, which provided the number of vehicles affected: 180.080 vehicles – an increase of 4.0%. From the beginning of the year until July to, and including, the growth was even higher, at 5.5% (on 1.343.217 vehicles).

However, the high growth in the first half of the year could not be held in July. Maybe the electric cars here so should we now? The advantage would be that not only all new models would have to be developed, but also existing with an electric drive is provided. But how consistently the BMW goes on this way, will could only give a glance at the next quarterly figures.

I will point out that I in the share invested am.

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A guest post by Jennifer Diabatè.

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