Friday, September 2, 2016

The right technology is a success factor – CIO

Finding the right technology for their own companies, is fundamental to the CIO. The technology is designed to support the company’s digital transformation, it is to make infrastructure and services more agile and flexible, and it should be permanently on can adapt changing the company’s requirements.

What to look for when searching is

Every CIO should consider when searching first the tasks within the company, and only then consider using which technologies they can be exercised. For me the real value of technology today is to contribute to tangible successes. For the CIO, this means before a decision to clarify with colleagues in the company’s management, which results are desired, and then use the technology accordingly. And of course, staffing and workload planning have to be considered, and it is important to consider how to better align IT costs with the overall costs of the company model.

The Cloud and their possible use are of specific importance to the discussion. What percentage of IT presence of the company should be hiking in the cloud? Where are different workloads and data sets and for how long should they be stored? It must be remembered that the data probably have to be transferred back several times from the cloud to the datacenter and back during the period of its existence. How to be controlled this process, and how has to be adapted for this infrastructure? Can the data center be brought, for example, closer to the cloud – keyword “Cloud Density”?

Everything in the cloud? If the data security  because not on the line?
All in the cloud? If not, the data security as on the track
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Everything in the cloud – the results Sense?

asked Consistently: Will the company ever even have its own data center and operate? It may be a logical step today quite, either switching to an externally hosted solution during the current or the next modernization cycle.

Then, still needs to be thought one step: Does the cloud provider through appropriate network capacity for data recovery in another cloud, possibly located in a completely different region of the world? And of course, the security of the cloud platform of each party plays an important role.

Security requires confidence

Internet safety is high on the agenda of each CIOs, the company digital transformation is a concern. The number of cyber attacks has risen dramatically in the past few years (and will continue to do so) and the consequences of loss of confidential company data would be devastating in every case. Internet security is no longer accessible by piecemeal and reactive action.

In order to protect a company, one must consider Internet security not as a system of “lock and key”, whose sole purpose is to keep threats sidelined. Each company undergoes inevitable sometime security breaches. CIOs need to find the courage to accept this as fact and plan their actions accordingly.

Security from the outset involve

At present, companies invest only around seven percent of their budgets in data security. Thus, there is a risk that they fall into the same safety case as in previous years. security solutions Safety Solutions may not be “docked” in retrospect to a once-selling new solution, but must be integrated into the solution itself rather. Security needs to be involved from the outset in technology plans. Everything to Security on


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