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holography with VR goggles: Researchers have developed a technology that seem to be right in the room with the images of real people as a holography. Equipped with VR goggles, you can walk around this image and gets everywhere a realistic three-dimensional image. This is achieved with special camera equipment and special software.

 Being with a VR glasses middle of the action: a  new camera system provides people naturally and  realistically represent virtually

With a VR glasses to be part of the action. A new camera system provides people naturally and realistically virtually represents

it was previously not possible, represent the image of a real person as a virtual 3D image. Although there is already the possibility to view avatars through a VR glasses, but these often seem artificial. This is because they are not based on the real video recording of a person. This missing details such as wrinkles in the shirt that can seem real a picture for humans.

Another way it has been, einzuspielen the video of a person in the VR data goggles. This man is indeed realistically represented only two-dimensional. You can not go around it, therefore. Even the looks artificial, as one moves in a virtual reality.

stereovision with 20 cameras

Oliver Schreer and his colleagues at the Fraunhofer Institute for Telecommunications in Berlin but now have a technology that realism and 3D impression combined. For the system “3D Human Body Reconstruction” they use a new stereo camera system. As a man with his two eyes, it takes the person to with two lenses and thus a respective slightly different angle. By combining these two images, the three-dimensional impression.

With these results, the researchers cameras the person taking from all directions, so that we can walk around in the virtual world. Serve with a camera is not enough. “We currently employ more than 20 stereo cameras to map a human,” said Schreer. Since each camera captures only part of the person, the challenge is loud Schreer therein together the frames so that a realistic overall picture is.

More depth information by algorithm

In addition, have the but researchers also developed a new algorithm. This calculation method can quickly pull out from the camera images depth information. The program then calculated from this information, the 3D shape of the person recorded. A computer in turn generated after the virtual image of man that we experience later by the VR goggles.

The combination of stereo camera and the new algorithm, it is now possible to view a real image of a person in the virtual world. Because the researchers use video recordings as the base, the man is very real in the virtual world. Details in the image, such as folds in clothing, the surface structure and the features the user can thus also be seen in the virtual world.

In addition, the movements look natural: “We have been careful in the development of algorithms that these are highly efficient and thus quickly so that the movements of the interlocutors are very quickly converted into a dynamic model” says Schreer.

In the film immersion

For the future, but the team has other plans: “Our goal is that a realistic picture of a person can interact in the future directly with the virtual world – for example, by accesses virtual objects “says Schreer. Further applications can the researchers introduce in the field of virtual video conferencing or watch TV: Viewers could then with a VR glasses go about directly in a movie scene

In addition, Schreer imagine to use the system for film production but also.. “Film producers it could use to it easier than ever to transfer the movement of actors in scenes,” according to the researchers. For other processes, it was very complicated for the graphic display that mimic real. on the other hand, he wants to resolve and the movement and emotion fine. Whether in the future the team represents their system of camera and software as a service to or whether they license it to production companies, they do not know.


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