Tuesday, September 27, 2016

360-degree technology: When the boundaries of reality are blurred – Next-Gamer.de

sitting in Front of the screen and slide your Finger the mouse pointer was moving yesterday, and today, the entertainment industry uses technology. 360 degree Videos are the first step in a new world.

From the introduction of color play and Joysticks to HD and Multiplayer mode – the game development never really came to a standstill. Graphics and Sound have been continuously filed and the Gaming market has expanded and, thus, resistant. Today, many games can compete even with the graphics of the big cinema blockbusters. With the developments of Augmented Reality-like Pokémon Go the boundaries of reality are blurred now Play even. A similar Overlapping of virtuality and reality, the 360-degree technology, and may, to a greater extent.

For 360-degree Videos are nowadays used, among other things, for marketing events and film promotions. Even on Youtube and Facebook users have now the possibility of 360-degree photos and Videos to upload and watch. It has the feeling of being in the middle of the Events, as by a movement of the smartphone or the Dragging of the mouse arrow, you get a complete panoramic view. You walk, for example, through the streets of Paris, you play Poker with the pros, or swim with sharks. It sets to a VR-glasses, the Illusion is almost perfect.

Although is not Mature, the new technology is still far from perfect, but is definitely on the rise. Today you can find numerous VR-glasses from the various vendors of Samsung Gear and Google Cardboard to the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. Many of them, unfortunately, still have the Format of a diver’s goggles, but these subtleties will be fine-tuned. Sure is, that even game consoles are now designed for VR games. The new PlayStation 4 Pro (previously under the name PS4.5 and PlayStation Neo known), for example, supports high-definition digital video format 4K, and VR games are easier to play.

gamers can look forward to some exciting VR games. One with the most well-known name, Ubisoft’s Star Trek: Bridge Crew. The game invites you to the joint discovery of the Star Trek universe. Together with some other players, you assume the role of the bridge crew of the starship U. S. S. Aegis. Task is to explore an unknown sector. But of course, you have to solve all kinds of tasks and difficult situations. So not only the Federation, but the Klingon is, in fact, interested in the realm of the sector. Only through good Teamwork you can do to keep the peace in this part of the universe. The game is starting this fall.

360-degree-like technology is not yet Mature 100% – but she’s also been a long time in the children’s shoes. All-around Videos and photos are now with the major Social Media providers such as Facebook and Youtube compatible and also in the film industry, they are used skillfully. Games are of course particularly suitable for the application of this technology, because they are already designed so that you can immerse the player in the world and a part of it. 360-degree technology is the next logical step, in order to make the Illusion of a virtual reality to reality.


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