Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Revolutionized Apple Bluetooth technology? –

Only more hours there are up to the big Apple presentation in San Francisco where the primary new models of the iPhone and the Apple Watch will be presented. Shortly before circulating now reports that the tech company still could surprise the experts with a coup.

Apple is expected to introduce a new, more effective technology instead of often vulnerable Bluetooth connections. The reported Apple expert Ming-Chi Kuo, an analyst at KGI Securities, on the eve of the “Keynote” -Ansprache. The Apple executive team is on Wednesday at 10 am local time (19 pm EDT) in the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco to talk. The site “Apple Insider” had reported on the reporting of top research analysts first.

Apple invents Bluetooth new

Apple should then at wireless headphones a novel use, Bluetooth similar technology with low energy consumption – and thus give up Bluetooth as standard. Analyst Kuo returns the possible move to a more efficient data transmission system. Apple put higher demands on throttling energy consumption and would rely on rapid growth. Bluetooth should Apple not regarded as the best technology appear.

According to the report, the company from Cupertino has developed the new method itself. It could be used in wireless plugs that could glad according to a leaked report from July AirPods. But who is already looking forward to free AirPods as an addition when purchasing the new iPhone 7 likely to be disappointed. Included with only the normal, white earphones to be included with cables. However, should a “Lightning” plugs have, since the iPhone 7 will have no 3.5mm audio jack longer, according to reports.

hype about possible AirPods

Apple would target the wireless AirPods rather a slightly higher market prices will be around $ 80 expected, according to experts. With the new technology Apple could succeed a breakthrough. Bluetooth is not considered a perfect solution for wireless music consumption. The pairs of devices is sometimes cumbersome and prone to error, and the quality of the sound was objected to. These cost-good Bluetooth headset usually about $ 200.

Apple AirPods could tap into the wireless music consumption by a more moderate rate for the masses, fanning industry insiders to hype. The reports of the possible new Apple technology ensured in the tech scene spontaneous enthusiasm: It remains to be seen whether the speculations then at the Apple event by Cook & amp; Co. also true …

This article appeared in our sister publication, “Business Insider Germany” under the title “Apple might Bluetooth with wireless headphones replaced by better technology”


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