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 In almost all smartphones infected technique of  chip developer ARM.
In almost all smartphones infected technique of chip developer ARM. (© / Georgejmclittle)

The chip developer ARM, whose technology plugged in almost all smartphones sold worldwide, heard on Monday officially the Japanese group Softbank. The company of billionaire Masayoshi Son announced the completion of the deal for 24 billion pounds (currently 28.6 billion euros) known.

ARM from the UK designing chip architectures. This is then licenses are sold to manufacturers – or technology giants like Apple and Samsung, which develop on this basis own processors.

The 69-year-old Son built Softbank already a kind technology grocery store from. For conglomerate include mobile provider, investments in online services such as Yahoo, but also the French robot developers Aldebaran with menschelnden model “Pepper”.

How accurate ARM should fit into Softbank braid is still unclear even one and a half months after the announcement of the acquisition. Son made but unmistakably clear that the sensational billion deal is close to his heart. He postponed his retirement and took it into account that his crown prince, Ex-Google Manager Nikesh, all of a sudden looked into the distance. And he pressed his already indebted with over $ 100 billion company even deeper into the chalk – almost a third of the purchase price is financed with loans, it said.

Microchips stuck today in almost every  electronic product .
Microchips stuck today in almost every electronic product. (© / Georgii Shipin)

One possible explanation would be the development of chip technologies for the “Internet of Things” crosslinked billion devices and the smart home. Processors based on ARM architecture is more power efficient, which they already gave the starting place in smartphones and tablets, and is also for device networking advantage.

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