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Code_n New.New.Festival in Karlsruhe, Germany: Festival of technology a … – Stuttgarter Nachrichten

By Andreas Geldner

Karlsruhe, Germany wants to dive  to celebrate Fesivals his castle in a new light.  Photo: dpa
Karlsruhe wants to dive to celebrate Fesivals his castle in a new light.photo: Reuters

Three days in Karlsruhe to a event experiment around the topic of Innovation. On the first Code_n New.New.Festival of the future technologies are presented from the fields of Finance, healthcare, mobility, and Photonics.

Stuttgart – Three days in Karlsruhe, is in the character of the event-experiment around the topic of Innovation. On the first Code_n New.New.The Festival will be presented the technologies of the future in the areas of Finance, healthcare, mobility and Photonics, i.e. light-based technologies. It is named after the since 2011 existing, international Start-up competition of the Stuttgart-based IT service provider GFT. It comes to the question of how to not only Start-ups but also established companies, the accelerating technological change.

the goal is, in the state of Baden-Württemberg and Germany as yet not tried and tested event format, to be beyond the scope of a technology fair, and to give the location of Baden-Württemberg nationwide, more progressive and younger Image. The center for art and media (ZKM) as a venue to dissolve the usual boundaries between business, art and social debate. “For the innovation festival, it is an ideal place, because we ourselves are a Symbol of digital art in the narrower and the digital world in a broader sense,” says ZKM CEO Peter Weibel. “We want an international Event and not only that, the Parliament members to discuss with each other,” says GFT’s CEO and Initiator Ulrich Dietz about the fact that the events take place almost completely in English: “It’s supposed to be an innovation event and there is no fair, you sold something.”

The Festival is Innovation to touch

present, in addition to the more than 100 individual events should be for the visitors to the Innovation of Europe – so you can, for example, in 3D printing to create self-portraits. “In Germany people always read only digital money – we want to show what is happening in the financial industry specifically,” says Dietz. Several stages are reserved for the more than 50 Start-ups that compete for the 30,000 Euro prize money of the competition. On a so-called Hackathon, 50 programmers within 24 hours will deliver a race to the innovative ideas of the technology themes of the festival. Through Workshops, the audience is directly involved. There is also a center for art and media ZKM and at other event venues, and avant-garde media art, Team games for the visitors, concerts and parties.

For the event could be won at the start of the baden-württemberg Minister President Winfried Kretschmann as the main speaker. On Tuesday night, he speaks under the title “Digital@BW – society and economy 4.0,” about the need for modernization in the country. Google introduces in Karlsruhe its latest technologies around the topic of virtual reality and organized a Workshop, showing a particularly fast way to product development. In Karlsruhe, among others, the managing Director of the futuristic, the Tesla-founder Elon Musk promoted the TRANS-port system, Hyperloop occurs, the electrically operated transport capsules in Jettempo by vacuum tubes want to hunt. The former chief of the Federal intelligence service, August Hanning, talks about cyber security. Other speakers deal with the topic of Bio-Hacking, so the technological manipulation of biological processes and technology or with the change in the perception of reality in the digital age. As a patron of the festival, the Federal Minister of research Johanna Wanka.

How far is the international appeal of Karlsruhe is enough?

The organizer is also the machine manufacturer Trumpf, the energy group EnBW, the IT company Hewlett-Packard and the consulting firm Accenture to be one of those in addition to GFT, with the concept of a risk, because you also want to appeal to an audience beyond the typical trade visitors. Until last year, the Code_n Start-up has taken place-up competition at the Hanover IT trade fair, Cebit, and around 70 000 visitors attracted. He has established himself as one of the most important German innovation competitions. The expectations for Start-up in Baden-Württemberg are initially modest. In advance of almost 3000 Tickets were sold. Officially so far, no benchmark for the number of visitors was called. The visitors need to invest for a one-day ticket is between 40 € (students) and € 350 (commercial visitors).

is Open, therefore, as nationally and internationally attractive the venue Karlsruhe is actually. “For the first Time, one must focus on the content,” says Dietz, in view of for an untested Event ambitious acting goals. Other Festivals in the technology sector would have needed time to Grow: “At Code_n we have once started with a few Thousand visitors.” When and whether there will be a sequel, depends, therefore, from the course of the next three days. Within Baden-württemberg from the IT-location in Karlsruhe and not in Stuttgart to the train had come to have to do on the one hand, had the appropriate infrastructure, especially at the venue ZKM, but especially with the intensive use of the city. It holds, for example, on several days, especially your castle light festival, or offers for the visitors of Free trips on public transport. “I would hope that Stuttgart would have applied a similar interest and commitment,” says Dietz.


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