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You can now take advantage of the forthcoming Boom in US technology stocks! –

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in my yesterday’s post, I had analyzed for the current chart technique in the DAX. I had also found that the Performance of Wall Street was in the current year better than the German index of leading shares.

Today I throw to you a look at the location of the Nasdaq Composite. With around 2,700 values from the technology sector, this Index paints a realistic picture of the current state of the US stock market.

technology beats Standard

In the past, the technology developed in-stock, regularly better, than the standard title from the Dow Jones. Here is an example:

Since the last major Low in 2009, the Dow Jones has in the top an increase of +188% is generated. The Nasdaq Composite rose in the same period, a whopping +322%!

It is worthwhile, in the case of shares-to put Investments in the United States, rather on the technology stocks. And the first law since the middle of July, as the chart below demonstrates:

dow jones versus nasdaq composite-28-09-2016

Nasdaq Composite since July clearly better than the Dow Jones

here you can see a comparison of the development of the Dow Jones and Nasdaq Composite since the beginning of 2015. Good to see in the lower part:

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  • IND & COMM BANK OF CHINA is the most expensive Bank in the world
  • China Mobile (China), the largest mobile operator in the world
  • Vale (Brazil), the largest iron ore supplier in the world
  • Cemex (Mexico), the third largest cement manufacturer in the world
  • Petrochina (China), the second-most expensive company in the world
  • GAZPROM (Russia), the number 3 in the world
  • And Petrobras (Brazil), the number 4 in the world

Here, the start to know where you still worthwhile ➜

the Nasdaq Composite began in July, better than the Dow Jones

the curve of the Spreads (Dow Jones divided by the Nasdaq Composite), then it runs in the Dow Jones better. That was from September 2015 to July of this year. Since then, the U.S. technology shares.

The reason for this development lay in the development in earnings: technology stocks had to overcome in the referred to period of a losing streak. Now, the signs are reversed again in favor of the Nasdaq Composite!

now, if we Look together on the highly interesting, because attractive chart of the Nasdaq Composite:

nasdaq composite-28-09-2016

Nasdaq Composite since July clearly better than the Dow Jones

fresh all-time high in the Nasdaq Composite

From the shown Chart you can’t remove – therefore I write it to you: The Nasdaq Composite has reached 5 days ago with 5.342 points to a new historic high!

The all-time high from 2000 had stood for more than 15 years and was outbid in June 2015 for the first time, very thin.

large investors are buying in technology shares.

as you know, the big investors with their behavior, the Trends in the stock markets. To follow the activities of this group of investors increased their Investment, therefore, success drastically.

With the On-Balance-volume, you can understand the behavior of the large investors. In the Chart you will find confirmed that the “Big Money” and have bought since the end of June solid in the shares of the technology sector.

resistance Band is overcome

In the Chart you can see why the US share in General, and the Nasdaq Composite in Particular, since August, little progress: The resistance Band (blue), the had 1-year stock had to first be overcome.

So, something is not in the “heave-Ho procedure”, if the market has, in the 12 months before on several occasions, the “teeth bites”. Now it seems to be done.

And as you can see, the big investors, the correction in the first half of September, not with businesses, but rather the sales of the trembling private investors absorbed (in yellow).


The Party at the US technology stock so only just. The should use to your advantage!

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a Lot of success on the exchanges,

Andreas Sommer

28. September 2016

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