Saturday, September 24, 2016

Google Event 4. October: New Google Wifi Router with Mesh technology.

Wi-Fi router, Google OnHub, Google Router image source: Google / TP-Link

4. October is Google’s next Hardware Event. In addition to the new Smartphone series called Pixel Google is planning a new series of Wifi routers. The new device is simply hot Google Wifi and other than the OnHub Router in the group a greater reach. “);}else{adsrv(“zoneid=360″,true);}

The Google Wifi Router to achieve this through the use of the Mesh technology. So should also be used in larger buildings and winding areas, a better network coverage is achieved by a so-called mesh network with multiple stations. The new Router should be able to work together with the already available Google Router OnHub. Users could use the Router in the network to achieve a better availability.
As Android Police in advance, to the cost of the new Router in the basic version, US $ 129. Other stations with which a Mesh-network to expand, to be sold individually. To the prices and start pacts with base – and building the stations, nothing still leaked.


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