Tuesday, September 20, 2016

BWT Magnesium technology rocked the Berlin Coffee Festival – PRWEB (press release)

2. Berlin Coffee Festival has moved to the Federal capital for three days to the coffee fever. Where you looked to Enjoy: coffee fans and professionals in your Element when you Smell, Taste, talk shop and. Everywhere the scents of fine coffee Roasting floated through the air in Berlin. BWT water+more, international water optimizer for the coffee industry, has equipped the Festival, as well as the integrated VA Barista Challenge with a premium water for coffee and again as a Sponsor helped to make the spectacle on the legs.

the Official kick-off and at the same time Highlight of the Coffee festival, the VA Barista Challenge at theater forum Kreuzberg. “It was jam-Packed: the hall, the tiers, the Foyer and the courtyard,” says Jürgen Brun singing, territory Manager at BWT water+more. “It’s tremendous how many people are excited about coffee, not only, earn your money, but also an incredible number of private coffee lovers. Coffee is a great thing, not only in Germany. The people came from all over Europe to Berlin!”

Magnesium Power for the Barista Challenge
With the VA Barista Challenge was offered to the international audience in the theatre forum a rousing Show. 16 top-class Baristas competed in this fast-paced competition in the knock-out System against each other. And the winner is: Yoshimi Maeda from Berlin! The co-owner of Channel Brewers has struck the perfect Latte-Art on the sensor-task until the all-star Espresso is excellent and the winner. Your creations will have you prepared like your 15 colleagues, with the optimal coffee water from BWT water+more.
“We have taken care of our water optimization equipment for the Baristas in Berlin best coffee water is available”, explains Jürgen Brun sing. The Team from BWT water+more has transformed the Berlin tap water in the ideal extraction medium for about 800 flavour components, the put in the coffee. In use at the VA Barista Challenge, the filter system BWT bestmax PREMIUM and the BWT best Aqua COFFEE, both of which are equipped with the unique BWT Magnesium technology. Here, the water is mineralized, and targeted at the important flavour carrier Magnesium, by the content of the dull-tasting is reduced to lime chelating agent is calcium. After that, it has an excellent sensory quality: It is free of interfering substances such as lime and chlorine, and in coffees and espressos for an incomparably rich and round taste. Peak flavors can develop optimally and coffees to obtain a fine-pored, stable Crema. At the same time, the filter solutions ensure long-lasting, efficient machine protection.

Smart, compact and powerful: BWT, best Aqua COFFEE
“the interest of the visitors of the Barista Challenge, the BWT best Aqua COFFEE is enormous”, reports Jürgen Brun sing. “People wanted to know everything about this Innovation. The Great thing about the compact device is that it requires a lot of space and virtually in every cafe under the counter fit. This System also optimizes large quantities of water easily. And wherever there is special water that has to be solved problems is our BWT best Aqua COFFEE also just right. In Berlin, the is displayed, for example, because here you have to do it again and again with sulphate loads, and the formation of stubborn plaster. The BWT best Aqua COFFEE is just the right solution.”

valuable Know-how of Baristas from around the world
BWT water+more has worked for years on the close dialogue with Baristas around the globe, to learn exactly what to look for in the coffee really. “For us, this is valuable Input that will enable us to develop exactly the optimization solutions, the need a Barista to make a neat Job and to achieve excellent taste results. And at a consistently high level,” explains the BWT area-in-chief.
it is for the company a matter of honor, the actors in the international Coffee Community, Good to return – with the water of knowledge, clever technology and a variety of commitment. “We are happy to help, to allow such important Events like the Berlin Coffee Festival and the VA Barista Challenge. This is our thank you for the constructive exchange of views and the high level of acceptance, our company and our products in the international coffee scene enjoy!”

The technology lead of BWT water+more optimal conditions for success just with specialty coffees. With clever filter systems and complete solutions. BWT water+more has the world’s largest product portfolio for the optimization of water for Hot and cold drinks. Founded in 2005, the water filter specialist is part of the global Best Water Technology AG (BWT). In 1990, in Austria, founded in BWT group is Europe’s leading company in water treatment with more than 3,300 employees in over 70 subsidiaries and affiliates.

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