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This technology is the future – design it! – ISPO

A: NFC technology will change many everyday processes. What appears still today, many people are unaccustomed to, will be in a few years, of course: with the Smartphone via a short-distance data exchange. The possibilities are enormous: bus tickets, pay for business cards to exchange or for the roof Luggage carrier directly, a how-to video calling. Uncomplicated and super fast.

Also in the sports Business NFC-Tags (Near Field Communication). The Berlin-based Startup pop that day has specialized to connect things via a Smartphone with a complex web services. “The Umbrella term Internet of things’ is pretty overused,” says Stefan Wolf. The 54-Year-old founder and managing Director of in February 2016 based pop that day.

“We understand ,Internet of things,’ not as a fridge that automatically re-orders the beer,” explains Wolf. “We thought about how we can make virtually any object really smart, contactless, without battery, can be controlled individually and with a high standard of safety. As a result, we are landed automatically in the case of the NFC technology. Just place the Smartphone at the object and hold and you will be redirected."

How it works? An NFC Tag is a miniature Chip that can be anywhere, gluing or sewing and a specific target application is stored. Most of the newer Generation Smartphones are NFC-enabled. If you hold them to a NFC-Chip that opens the menu – similar to an App. It’s just that you don’t need any App and Internet browser.

NFC technology: “Without the App, without Googling”

A technology of the future that will revolutionize many of the day to day operations. The New York transit authority MTA want to allow, for example, by 2021 the access via NFC technology to buses and subways. The people then need to Open the turnstiles only to your Smartphones – will be debited to the escrow account.

“The relevance to the sport industry is evident,” says Stefan Wolf: “wouldn’t it Be cool if you could propose to your running Shoe new trails in the area? Or if your Surfboard know when the best Swell? Just place the Smartphone on the day the App keep, and the news – appear no Extra, without the hassle of Googling."

more value for producers and consumers

But these are just two of the many possibilities of NFC in the field of sport. In every sport, in every sport equipment NFC-Tags promise a tremendous value.

“how do I get a replacement part for my mountain bike? How long is the warranty of my sport glasses is still running? How does my t-shirt for as long as possible? These are all questions that can be answered by means of NFC-forwarding directly on the Smartphone," explains Stefan Wolf. “We are closing the gap between the brand and the end consumer.”

pop that-day, tech-savvy athletes

But what Features would be of interest to the consumer actually? “For us, that is the Central question,” says Wolf. Therefore, the pop-that-day-founder launches an exciting project with ISPO OPEN INNOVATION. “We are looking for people who love sports, creative and tech-savvy, and like to try new things,” says Wolf. “We would be delighted if as many people as possible share their ideas.”

As a small thank you with a raffle of pop that day and ISPO among the participants of a high-quality backpack from Thule.


“In the first step, we would would like to know from the participants, the situations in which Smart Tags helpful,” explains Stefan Wolf. However, with the idea of finding the project will not be finished for a long time. “Then we want to send NFC Tags to test the Usability. And in the last step, real products are to be delivered to subjects, with real Tags to the Test in real situations."

The way to Join in: Here at ISPO OPEN INNOVATION-register – and multiple-benefit: All the participants are also in other exciting projects in the selection, such as, for example, exclusive product tests.

About the pop that day GmbH:

  • establishment: February 2016
  • location: Berlin
  • Director: Stefan Wolf, and Gerrick comb wood
  • employees: 10
  • More information about the pop that day, GmbH on the company Homepage.

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