Sunday, September 4, 2016

IFA 2016: Samsung’s new SUHD TV with Quantum Dot Technology – Mobilegeeks

The worldwide recall of the Galaxy Note 7, because of exploding batteries, Samsung has thrown back. One can already call scandal, because something had actually never. Samsung now has to grab and replace all devices – it could not have been worse. But despite the botched launch of the smart phones, the company has an ace up its sleeve. At IFA, the new 88-inch KS9800 SUHD TV was in the press conference that is presented

The origin of the next TV begins with an amazing particle -. Just a few atom wide – the quantum-dot. Quantum-dot is the new kid on the block. Michael Zoeller, Vice President Samsung Europe

First there was the LCD TV, then OLED and now the devices that are equipped with the Quantum Dot technology – Samsung is the SUHD. Quantum Dot TVs can display more colors, to be exact over 1 billion. In addition, the brightness is almost endless, but the devices are generally more energy efficient. Samsung will offer its new model in 19 different sizes ranging from 43-88 inches.

Samsung’s new TV model also supports HDR and with the new partner Netflix at their side, the variety series will be available in 4K HDR , The new SUHD TV also has a redesigned user interface, with useful features such as automatic detection of connected devices and the establishment of game consoles, A / V devices and streaming boxes.

Another cool feature is the called Steam link function with which one PC games can stream directly to the big screen. The new TV is already powerful huge and really impressive. Price for the 88-inch unit is 22,000 euros. I wonder honestly, who buys something, but let’s be honest: If you could make money for easy, one would also make the part but to the living room. Let’s hope that the TV did not even explode, as the Galaxy Note 7

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