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Siegfried Russwurm: chief technology officer, is leaving Siemens business week

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Axel Höpnersource:Handelsblatt Online

chief Technology officer Siegfried Russwurm will leave Siemens at the end of March. Recently, there had been speculation of a departure. The staff responded still shocked at the suicide of the popular Manager.

In the case of Siemens, many employees were shocked when, on the Morning the news made the round: The much-esteemed chief Technology officer Siegfried Russwurm will not extend his contract, which expires in March. “Many were speechless,” said a Siemens Manager.

“The decision is his to 31. March outlet not to renew a contract, was absolutely taken by consensus," said Supervisory Board Chairman Gerhard Cromme on Friday in a message. “I have spent most of my professional life at Siemens. The company and its employees, I will always stay connected," said Russwurm. “However, I don’t want to close me also sorts of new challenges.” The 53-Year-old since 1992 in the case of Siemens.

The Board had not pushed for a renewal of the contract, although the relationship between Russwurm and CEO Joe Kaeser is the Best. According to the company, circles Kaeser offered then Russwurm an extension. According to a Handelsblatt report on the request for extension would have accelerated the decision-making processes, it said in the environment. Also, Russwurm did not want to continue. Officially, the talk is of mutual agreement.

The wind business has long been regarded as a problem child in the Siemens Empire. With a somewhat complicated Fusion group-chief Joe Kaeser wants to change that.

Russwurm was made in hopes to one day be the boss of the group, there is some speculation in industry circles. However, since Kaeser have the Supervisory Board signaled that he wanted to make about 2018, have shattered this perspective. In another five years, he had no Chance to be Chairman of the Board. Russwurm applies, inter alia, in the case of Linde as a possible candidate, when in may, group CEO, Wolfgang Büchele.

Russwurm was after the departure of Peter Löscher as a possible successor. It Kaeser did. This duped Russwurm later, by pushing him, the industry Department, and to be chief Technology officer. Russwurm had made the operational side of the business very much. Kaeser said the Jobtausch follow no particular logic. Therefore, he was understood by some in the group as a degradation Russwurms.

Since then, the ratio of the two sensitivities. Russwurm and Kaeser have raked according to information from the trade-sheet on skills for the topics of Startups and innovations. This is supposed to lead in Board discussions. Finally, Russwurm Commissioner was head of the start-up unit Next47.

Many in the group Russwurms regret parting. “He was in the cooperation is fantastic and very inclusive,” said a Siemens representative. Kaeser must be careful, and not just technocrats to ploughshares, which were no competition for him.

In the context of leadership, it was stressed that nothing had happened between Kaeser and the Russwurm. It was an amicable decision. Kaeser had since the jump to the top a lot of to focused, some critically. However, his restructuring of the group showed the least economic success.

source: Handelsblatt Online


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