Wednesday, September 21, 2016

The control Cabinet cooling with Peltier-technology

The development of thermo-electric modules for Cooling or Heating goes back to a discovery by Thomas Johann Seebeck. In a circuit of two different metals, voltage is produced if a temperature difference is present. Thereby, electric current flows. In a reversal of this phenomenon in a coordinated heat or cold can be achieved by the application of an electrical voltage to differently doped semi-conductors in thermo-electric modules generate. These modules for thermo-electrical temperature control hot Peltier elements. They are available in a very different expression.

With the help of Peltier technology Uwe  Electronic Engäte has developed and adapted a  Kümisconduct of switch Cabinet  productionärestrict these in a purely  electronic way ermö.

With the help of Peltier technology Uwe Electronic has developed equipment cabinets, cooling of switching these purely electronic way. Uwe Electronic

The flexibility and size cause the Peltier technology is used in the electronics industry and medical technology in a sustainable way. Uwe Electronic has developed with the help of Peltier technology equipment, cabinets, cooling of switchgear or other Enclosures on these purely electronic way. On each side of the device is a combination of heatsink and fan, in the middle of Peltier elements for active cooling are introduced. The existing heat is transported from the Interior of the housing into the ambient air. Within the cooling device, an insulating material prevents the direct exchange of air between the cooling area and the ambient air.

By the waiver of a cooling medium, these devices in any location and Position to install. In addition, the electronic solution is maintenance-independent and environment-friendly. Another technological advantage is the extended temperature range for use is between -20 °C and +80 °C is. Conventional compressor solutions can usually only be used up to a temperature of 60 °C.

The cooling devices are insensitive to vibrations and shocks. In contrast to compressors, no Vibration or of a particular noise is the development of thermoelectric cooling devices. Thus, the cooling devices based on Peltier technology, can be equipped with very quiet fans, which are used in laboratories or in the catering industry. The thermoelectric system also allows the construction of especially compact and light devices. Therefore, solutions for the temperature management in the appliance industry and in medical technology are available to interested parties.

To all sorts of requirements to meet needs in size and performance to match, the Uwe Electronic is a wide range of devices. For the cooling of small control systems and measuring systems narrow cooling are, for example, devices with two to three Peltier elements. For applications with higher performance requirements (such as in the Cabinet area) for four to eight Peltier combined items in a box and each with a powerful heatsink/ fan combination. On an area of 20 × 30 cm2, a cooling can generate power of up to 200 W.

If the application requires a direct cooling of the medium (such as cooling of liquid containers or blanks), it is possible to assemble the Peltier cooling devices directly on the cooling Medium. An adapter plate provides for a large-scale Transfer of thermal energy. These devices are also referred to as a surface cooling device (Surface-to-Air).


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