Saturday, February 6, 2016

The Division: mines, grenades, gun turrets – these skills provides technology –

When MMO shooter The Division of technical tree for damage dealer is intended. A video shows why this is by turrets, mines and grenades the right choice.

On the IGN US side now a video has been released, which deals with the skills in technical Tree. Recently Ubisoft has ever generally presented a video about skills. Now there is one with all skills of technical tree. These are in principle 4, of which 3 can be brought forward and times vary differently with each 3 mods – and you can accept even 1 master capability

The four basic skills are an adhesive grenade, a gun turret and a mine searcher , plus there is the “Signature Skill”, with which one’s own damage and increases the players. The can not be modified.

The three skills are more diverse Mods.

Thus the adhesive grenade also

  • cause bleeding (BFB)
  • the opponent dazzle (Flash Bang)
  • can automatically ignite when an enemy in the vicinity comes (proximity Fuse)
  • less light and noise cause (Master – Stealthy Bomb).

the turret can:

  • fire with increased damage and opponent Mark (Active sensor)
  • flames spit (Dragon Breath)
  • several opponents go with electric shocks injured and paralyzed (Zapper)
  • at your fingertips in the air, while all nearby enemies hurt (Master Scorched Earth)

the seeker mine can:

  • fly in contact in the air and a cluster of incendiary shells ignite (airburst)
  • to move between opponents and gas drain that the enemy confused (gas charge)
  • already disintegrated to start in smaller mines, then different objectives hunt (cluster)
  • jump over obstacles and directly on targets move (Master Seeking Betty)

for the other two skill trees, medicine (for supporters) and security (more for tanks), there are as many skills with mods.


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