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BQ boss del Prado: “We need people who can develop the technology” – AreaMobile

BQ is almost an isolated case: Virtually no other company in Europe still represents smartphones ago. There were times in Germany alone the ten mobile phone brands. The Spanish company, which manufactures besides smartphones Tablets, 3D printers and learning robots, however, is even a successful start in the smartphone market. In an interview with AreaMobile BQ-founder Rodrigo del Prado described the difficulties which exist at the site of Europe.

BQ smartphones are near Madrid developed, but manufactured in China. | (C) AM

Twelve years passed between the university degree of the company founders and the launch of its first smartphone, told BQ-manager Rodrigo del Prado González. That so much time passed, also located at the site Europe because smartphone production there is virtually no longer here. In China the development and launch of new smart phones within a year would have been possible, so del Prado. Meanwhile the Spaniards are quite successful in the smartphone market go, rely alongside Android on cooperation with Cyanogen and Canonical (Ubuntu) and refine step by step the quality of their equipment.

The fact that the smartphone production almost entirely in Asia is taking place not only a competitive disadvantage for European companies that want to break into the smartphone market. It has also explained drawbacks for consumers and for young people choosing a career as del Prado in an interview with AreaMobile. Europe so go knowledge, understanding and innovation lost

AM:. Why can more quickly develop a smartphone in China and bring out as in Europe ‘? / strong>

Rodrigo del Prado: Basically you can say that the young company an industrial ecosystem is in Asia and particularly in China is available that offers you excellent development opportunities. A smartphone, as well as any other technological product, made up of the components software, hardware (electronics) and Design (mechanics, product design) together. Even if the software sector in Europe is usually dominated by the start-up companies, this is true for the other two areas tended to not.

In recent decades, the production of consumer electronics was outsourced to Asia. Today the majority of the products manufactured there, which, in turn aggravating effect on the development of alternatives in Europe. Without an existing ecosystem it have new companies very difficult. The suppliers that are indispensable for the development of each product, have no buyers in Europe. This in turn has the consequence that there is no existing structures in the region. The few companies that arise, find it very difficult to compete with Asian companies with a relatively low volume of production, the lack of support and the absence of the supply industry. Of course, the existence of an enabling ecosystem provides better conditions for the emergence of a business as if this is missing

AM:. What are the disadvantages arising from the fact that the mobile phone production runs now almost entirely in Asia

del Prado: the problem is that technology is always based on the same three pillars: software, hardware and design. All companies need technology. Its purpose is to solve problems, allowing us to be more efficient and to deal with the increasing complexity of the environment and the scarcity of resources. Therefore, we need people who can develop technology. Without them, it is the corporate network, which consists of nearly 90 percent of small and medium enterprises, not possible to apply this technology and to survive on the market.

The fact that there is no company in the region are technology development, means that young people do not take this field as a career alternative in consideration and we do not represent a serious market for the supply industry. As long as we do not have the proper training and we lack the necessary building blocks, this trend

may change impossible. Therefore we show at BQ not only that one can produce consumer electronics in Europe, but also provide the tools and the necessary knowledge to enable future generations of hardware and design as naturally deal as they do this with software. We hope that when we promote the learning process of children from an early age, decide this day for a technical education and dare to set up their own start-up company, once again created a technological environment in Europe.

As you already know, we are currently one of the few companies that still have control of the exterior design, the mechanics and electronics, the design of the radio and a strict quality control and so on. They even were able to see during your visit to our company thereof. This allows us to see technology from a different angle. We are aware that it is a tool that is omnipresent and simplify our lives. So we can continue to develop in the future, we need more engineers

AM: Have also consumer disadvantages in that there is in Europe with little or no smartphone production

del Prado: the fact that the products are not designed and developed locally, includes two basic problems. The first and less serious is that the products may not be tailored to our needs or our taste. The second, and in my view more serious problem is that we miss the opportunity that such a large market, creating a technological ecosystem in the range smartphone. This would serve us in the future to develop technology of any kind

AM:. What can we do about it

del Prado: as a consumer must be aware of the benefits we offer technology in our daily lives and how they simplify our everyday lives. We need to understand how important it is to develop technology itself. We need to be able to create it, so we are not 100 percent dependent on importing them. In BQ we believe that our major contribution is to share our knowledge and to create tools like 3D printers, control boards and learning robots that allow us to familiarize ourselves with the basic pillars of the technology at an early age.

AM: Do you think that realistically to recover the smartphone production to Europe?

del Prado: Contrary to the belief of most people it is not going to the issue of labor costs. The problem is that there is no ecosystem that allows the formation of these alternatives. Nor is there a company in Europe, which has a volume sufficient to allow the formation of such an ecosystem. To our knowledge, we are the only company that can develop a smartphone completely from the start

AM:. What makes BQ to a more European manufacturers as other companies

del Prado: BQ is employer of around 1,400 people in various European countries. Of these, almost one third of the complete development of our devices – smartphones, 3D printers and 3D scanners, tablets, e-readers and learning robot – responsible. This is mainly to European engineers. We are currently able to design every single unit of our product portfolio itself and develop some produce even completely

AM:. Thank you, Mr. del Prado

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