Monday, February 22, 2016

DOCOMO developed first NFV technology for carrier neutral EPC Software – OnVista (press release)

NTT DOCOMO, INC. announced today that it (short NFV virtualization of network functions) has completed the development of the world’s first technology for Network Function Virtualization. This technology can Evolved Packet Core Software (EPC software) run by several suppliers in order to improve the connection in areas with high traffic. DOCOMO plans to use the technology in its network from March this year.

NFV technology allows communications software that was originally designed for specially designed hardware to run on virtualized hardware. It will help to ensure stable network operation by subjecting the compound is improved with high data volumes, and as a result of natural disasters or in the event of hardware failures. It is expected that the provision of new services accelerated and the efficiency of investment in infrastructure is improved by software can be carried out from various vendors and combined hardware disclosed in the wireless network.

“provider Neutral (multi-vendor) NFV technology, which was previously an unrealistic hope, is now used commercially in our network “, Seizo Onoe said Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer of DOCOMO. “Many NFV technologies that are already in use, but can only be used with a single provider. Therefore, we expect this NFV technology that truly integrates multiple vendors, it means a long-awaited breakthrough change for the mobile industry environment.”

the new technology meets the specifications of the European Telecommunications standards Institute’s Industry specifications Group for NFV.

DOCOMO also plans to software defined networking technology (SDN technology) in order IP networks for to make introduction of NFV flexible. This makes it possible to maximize the advantages of NFV above.

In the future DOCOMO expects to virtualize many other key components of its mobile network, with the goal of establishing a fully virtualized network.

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