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Leverkusen: Leverkusen premier source for technology – RP ONLINE

Leverkusen. The Vice title Leverkusen long accustomed example of Bayer 04. Now it’s the city has even managed to top on Treppechen: In the current study, the “creative class” of agiplan, a service provider, the company and the public sector advises, Leverkusen has the nose as Technologistandort in NRW forward From Ludmilla Hauser


“The basis of the study The most important factor is the thesis of the American scientist Richard Florida, after the creative class, so as engineers, scientists, artists or architects spurred economic growth here is the technological innovation potential and. Thus, the question of how cities develop, “says Dr. Frank Obermaier, head along the Leverkusen Economic Development. Been analyzed whether the start-up intensity in technology-intensive industries, expenditure on research and development of the economy on gross domestic product and the percentage of scientists in the number of social insurance contributions in this part index. And it is precisely in this category, the “technology index,” Leverkusen is well positioned. The city offers a breeding ground for technological progress.

As in games that corporations invest among other a lot in research and development, “as well as many engineering offices have their location,” said Obermaier. “The study confirms that the companies at the site are for the future, unlike the extended workbenches as in Eastern Europe, is where only manufactured, but there is no impetus, no ideas.”

Nationwide – there were 402 county-level cities and counties compared -. is the city in this category ranked 19. “A great place if you consider that there are anywhere else, technical colleges,” added Obermaier

Such studies, he says, contribute that other companies are lured to the Leverkusen site. “The natural look also to the place where there is good seedbeds. Leverkusen has nationwide considered a very low rate of early school leavers, the youth is there, there STEM schools (MINT = mathematics, computer science, natural sciences, technology), the University of Applied Sciences Campus and the ZDI network (Innovation for the future). ” The pull on the company.

The “Talent Index”, looking at the share of the creative class and the percentage of people with a university degree in the social insurance contributions, Leverkusen lands nationwide with rank 29 quite far forward, in NRW behind Bonn, Dusseldorf, Munster and Cologne in fifth place

And:. In the overall ranking of agiplan Leverkusen is ranked 33. “We have improved compared to the last study in 2010 at four places,” reports the WFL boss. . Reason: precisely those “good education landscape in the city”

Source: RP


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