Friday, February 26, 2016

eyevis display technology visualizes the news in one of the … – PresseBox (Press release)

         One of the greatest broadcasters of China relies on eyevis technology in its new, ultra-modern media center from where the message for millions of television viewers are broadcast.

eyevis DLP® rear projection cubes as the main character of the program

Two new video walls consisting of a total of 48 60-inch DLP rear projection cubes, type EC-60-LHD-1000, were in a 6 × 4 and 8 × 3 configuration in the new set design of the studio, the few

weeks goes on air, installed.

Both video walls for displaying background images, uses live circuits to outside correspondents, interviewees and additional information during the recordings and live broadcasts .

Equipped with an almost ridge-free design, which allows the construction of cubes with minimal webs between screens a video wall, the eyevis DLP cubes ideal for screens in television studios. Moreover Blackbead washers used offer a perfect balance of brightness and viewing angles from different camera positions and are free of disturbing reflections of other light sources in the studio thanks to its matte surface. The innovative cluster LED technology used in the projectors of the cubes allows accurate calibration of the color temperature of the display – an essential for displays in television studios necessary requirement. In addition, the cubes are extremely durable and reliable thanks to the reliable LED technology and the maintenance-free heat pipe cooling. To permanently ensure uniform representation of all modules of video walls, developed by eyevis Auto Colour tracking option has been installed, guaranteed by continuous measurement of various parameters of the individual cubes uniform setting and thus display of all cubes.

“we chose this project for eyevis because we have great confidence in the brand and the quality of products,” confirms Mr. Wang Ke, executive technical director at Jiangsu TV.

Jiangsu TV – an internationally renowned media companies

Jiangsu TV was founded in 2001 and is part of the Jiangsu Broadcasting Corporation (JSBC), the third largest, and thus one of the most influential media companies in China. A whole range of JSBC addition to several television stations with 600 square meters include radio channels, different newspapers and magazines as well as a wide range of online products and services.

In the largest studio in the Media Center of Jiangsu TV was at the renovations paid to a balance of the five elements of fire, wood, metal, earth and water. This enshrined in traditional Chinese philosophy teaching is taken into account that all material things are formed on our planet from these five basic elements.
The reconstruction of the studio has been realized in a unique design that meets all requirements of the transmitter and also unscheduled events provides space.

project to increase program quality and viewership
the reconstruction of the main studio is part of a comprehensive strategy of the transmitter by a modern appearance of the device and the broadcast graphics to increase the quality of the produced formats and audience reach.

the design and planning of new studios, including the eyevis video walls come from the pen of the internationally renowned broadcast design offices ClickSpring from the US.

Rainer link, head of international sales at eyevis summarizes the prestigious project together: “In conventional TV studio we already see ourselves high demands on the technical equipment regarding image quality and reliability of the technology exposed. In studios for live productions these are again by several times higher. With the superb video quality of our LED cube we could meet all the required criteria of the transmitter. Thanks to the high life of the cubes and the used car Colour tracking technology, we can ensure this quality over a long period. We are proud that Jiangsu has chosen TV for eyevis what underlines our leading position in the production of video wall products that meet the requirements of the broadcast industry extensively again

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