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Technology for Refugees: As the Techfugees newcomers help – (blog)

moved Bane of the incoming refugees in Germany and Europe and shocked. Everywhere therefore citizens have come together to support the derived mainly from Syria newcomers. So also in the developer community. The Techfugees Initiative is just one example of many.

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One of the most appealing features of the developer and technology community is probably their unbroken confidence in the human potential of their professional field. It is therefore only logical that some of them will join forces with the aim of technological know-how to ease the plight of the many thousands of people who are trying to escape the world. One example is founded by the influential IT journalist Mike Butcher nonprofit organization Techfugees which organizes conferences and Hackathon about since last fall.

Technology + Refugees = Techfugees

It all started with a Facebook group and a Twitter Accout. Both learned within a short time such a powerful encouragement that some volunteers decided to organize a conference followed Hackathon. Since then, events not only in London but also in Oslo, Venice and Warsaw have taken place, as in Munich and Berlin. Currently major conferences in New York and Paris are preparing. The project is financed largely by donations from companies and conference fees.

want the initiative by his own account developers, entrepreneurs and startups with non-governmental organizations (NGOs), media, and international and national authorities to bring together in common products and to develop solutions for the current situation. The conferences serve both the networking and make the other hand an attempt to become first an accurate picture of the situation. Against this background, then the proposed projects can be evaluated.

Various projects

This should make it easier in the long run the Refugees integration into the societies of their host countries, in particular through (training) education and assistance in finding a job. Currently, however, it is primarily concerned with the management of the emergency. Some projects are about to make the flight more predictable and less dangerous. These refugees are able to exchange information with each other – it was on safer escape routes, correspondents of welfare associations or tips and tricks for using the Kafkaesque bureaucracy chaos of the EU

Other projects focus from it, the aid. civil society more effectively reach their destination permit. example, a variation of the Refugees Welcome project from Berlin, the shared apartment gives on Escaped. Owners of old smartphones, however, can pass through the website on Refugees, so can keep this contact with their friends and relatives this.

Those who wish to engage in the Techfugees can do so either in the form of a donation or participation in any of the current projects

Other initiatives

the great :. the major players in the IT sector also participating with their own relief efforts. So Google has presented about his charity arm Chrome Books worth nearly EUR 5 million to charities for Refugees in Germany. Currently, non-profit organizations can still apply for the mentioned Reconnect project. Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg had recently energized by announcing a sensation to have 99 percent of its Facebook shares to charity. Two months before that he had promised to equip Refugee camps with Internet

Refugees on Rails :. Inspired by Ruby on Rails social startup from Berlin goes one step further than geecycle the already mentioned side. First of all old laptops are searched instead of smartphones. These refugees should demonstrate online courses in Ruby on Rails and can qualify for programmers on. Currently, both laptops and mentors for the courses are sought

Nerds4Refugees :. This group is the result of an online transaction, wanted to organize assistance for refugees in and around Munich. The Nerds4Refugees consist primarily of tech interested, e.g. Setting up computer labs for victims and organize Meetups in Munich. Meanwhile, a team has been put in place with the name Welcome Help, which is to convert the primarily through Facebook coordinated initiative in longer-term structures.


The various aid projects from the Techbranche again show how information technologies now have social relevance. The fact that the developer community appears able to meet this task in a responsible and humane manner, very good news.

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