Monday, February 8, 2016

Economy: technology stocks following the decline on the Nasdaq –

(new: closing prices)

FRANKFURT (AFX) – The shares of German technology companies have followed on Monday the decline of their US peers. US Techwerte had lost heavily before the weekend. This put the German TecDAX & lt; TDXP.ETR & gt; equal to trading kick off the new week under pressure. In the afternoon we went down, because in New York technology stocks were again weak start to trading. Increasingly, the view put through that the opinions of technology papers are too high, it was on the market.

The TecDAX ended trading with a fall of 5.81 percent to 1500.14 points. This is the lowest closing price since February 2015. lt’s papers GFT Technologies &; GFT.ETR & gt; were particularly penalized. They forfeited more than 15 percent, followed by the career network Xing & lt; O1BC.ETR & gt; and the solar technology company SMA & lt; & gt ;, SMA.ETR whose shares einbüßten by almost 14 and just over 11 percent

In lt Dax &;. DAX.ETR & gt; also bagged the shares of the semiconductor manufacturer Infineon & lt; IFX.ETR & gt; lt by more than 5 percent from the papers of SAP &; SAP.ETR & gt; fell by nearly 3 percent after

Hardly better saw the tendency for technology winners from across Europe. The sub-index & lt; SX8P.DJX & gt; counted with a loss of more than 4 percent to the poorest sectors. Particularly weak here showed the Austrian semiconductor manufacturer AMS with nearly 9 percent drop.


had on the technology-heavy Nasdaq on Friday shares the highest price / earnings ratios suffered particularly heavy losses. The Nasdaq Internet Index & lt; gt ;, & QNET.NAS are listed in the related to the Internet US stocks, even recorded a decline of more than 5 percent of the heaviest loss since 2011. Also this Monday sits at US Techwerten the . Sale proceeds

“as in the US, the German technology stocks in recent tumultuous market hours were a kind of safe haven,” said merchant Andreas Lipkow of Kliegel & amp; Hafner. By encouraging strong trends in the field of cloud computing and the progressive consolidation trends in the chip sector, there were mainly the shares of SAP and Infineon, which had repeatedly by the downward movement of the overall market can decouple. Last year alone, the Infineon shares had risen by more than 50 percent and the SAP around 25 percent.

‘Vorschusslorbeeren ARE AWAY’

“This Vorschusslorbeeren are now gone, and now the high beta values ​​of these stocks hit by “so Lipkow. The beta factor measures the extent of the relative variation of a stock compared to about Index. A high beta value then means that the share varies significantly outperform the market. Among the stocks with high beta values ​​are usually technology, financial and automotive stocks

“In the US, the long overdue correction of courses at Facebook & has lt;. FB.NAS & gt ;, & lt; AMZN. NAS & gt; & lt; & gt ;, AMZ.FSE Netflix & lt; NFLX.NAS & gt; and Co. picked up speed, “commented Daniel Saurenz of Feingold Research. Now is increasingly realized that margins at the highest level were and would have the ratings of the companies fall. “This attracts German tech titles with shut” Saurenz summarized. Last year, investors from Amazon could look forward to a price jump of the stock of nearly 120 percent that of Netflix even an increase of around 140 percent.


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