Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Technology experts: Indian Startups could soon conquer the world – ABC Online

Indian startups could, according to technology experts from international companies quickly gain other markets.

“I’ve seen in my life hundreds startups, and the people here are working on great ideas “, said about Marcus Segal from the game company Zynga. He learned on Wednesday expiring technology conference “surge” in Bangalore for about a platform that doctors connects.

The competition for the best presentation at “surge” gained a young company, manufactures cheap wheelchairs and other aids for the disabled. These are for people in emerging countries like India often either unavailable or not affordable. Pete Lau, head of the Chinese smartphone manufacturer OnePlus, sees many parallels between the Indian and the Chinese market a few years ago.

Currently, there are after Indian government figures, about 4200 young technology companies in the subcontinent, so is India after the US and Britain now ranks third. “In Bangalore, some of the most brilliant people work,” said Ajay Bhatt, chief technologist from chip maker Intel and inventor of the USB stick. He often come to act as a mentor.


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