Thursday, February 25, 2016

Galaxy S7 / Edge: Dual-pixel technology will greatly improve camera – PC Games Hardware

Only 12 instead of 18 megapixels or more, the Samsung Galaxy S7 / Edge. This is rather unusually in times when the Megapxiel numbers grow normally. Samsung promises but can still improve camera. The main reason is the use of dual-pixel technology.

It was somewhat surprising, as Samsung, the megapixel count of called main camera for the Samsung Galaxy S7. The built-in sensor offers only 12 megapixels and thus 4 megapixel less than the predecessor. This is rather unusual in times of megapixel madness. Samsung verspicht but that one sensor performance – has improved – especially in dark conditions. First test shots at the MWC 2016 can confirm that as well.


But what exactly does Samsung? The explain the Koreans now in some detail. In Samsung Galaxy S7 is a so-called dual-pixel sensor for use, the Google already used in the Nexus models. The reduction of the number of pixels for the same area also means larger individual pixels of 1.4 microns and thus 56 percent more than the Galaxy S6. Larger pixels like once sound bad, but that in practice means less noise in low light conditions. In addition helps improved to f / 1.7 aperture.

All in all permits, according to Samsung, 95 percent more light sensitivity of the sensor. The focus is to improve characterized because all the pixels for the phase detection autofocus instead of just a few such as the classic sensor. Om compared to Galaxy S6, an increase of 99 percent.

In addition, the camera of the Galaxy S7 donated Samsung some adjusted operating via software. Among a panorama function and a hyperlapse recording. A digital image stabilizer is also video and time-lapse photography smooth ironing.

Also on the front, Samsung has come up with a few tricks. The camera is primarily designed for selfies and video calling. In dark conditions, you can use the display as a light source. The larger a regular flash surface to emit a diffuse light which makes the face in the picture softer.

Samsung Galaxy S7 / Edge: presentation video to the new model

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