Sunday, February 7, 2016

OROS: Never again thick down jackets – thanks to NASA technology –

If you want to also have it warm outside cuddly in the winter months, usually attacks to thick down jackets. The company OROS funded on Kickstarter already the second version of an innovative apparel that announces this thick jackets battle. The nice thing is that the insulating layer is only three millimeters thick but warms as much as four centimeters down filling. the whole thing is made possible by the so-called “SolaCore airgel”, which actually comes as insulation in the space suits of astronauts to use.

The material also has the advantage not only breathable, but also to be watertight, both is an outdoor jacket in my opinion required. But not only a jacket is available in Oros, also hats and gloves (which are particularly thin and therefore allow good freedom of movement) are available. Achieved Campaign $ 500,000 it should even give even a snow pants with NASA technology

 Solacore OROS

the baptism of fire should the material used actually have already passed through its work in the universe, because on the side facing away from sun cools a space suit down to -100 degrees Celsius. However, this seems the founders is not to be enough, which is why it has taken someone of the jacket, have sprayed with liquid nitrogen. Despite the extremely cold weather the interior remained warm enough.

“Buy” to the jacket of the new ORION collection without EarlyBird bonus will cost $ 320 (converted 285 euros), which is a lot of money for a jacket though but certainly is the relatively reasonable price range. For one acquires an outdoor jacket of the leading brands, which are then made for example of Gore-Tex, you end up very fast in this price range. The only difference: These jackets are used as the outermost layer of clothing, so isolate as such and make true to the onion principle, in cold temperatures a Additional Services insulating jacket required

I’d jacket of the new company to be happy again and to heart. Check kidney to find out whether they really keeps what it promises, and can keep the technical design produces the experienced outdoor companies

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