Sunday, February 21, 2016

As with German technology, climate change is explored – Huffington Post Germany

European scientists reinforce the views of the environmental condition of the earth. Another environmental satellite has been sent into space. His work focuses on the oceans. The technology was also the participation of German researchers.

European Space Agency ESA will increasingly explore global climate change from space and sent another environmental satellite on the journey for the Earth observation program “Copernicus”. Sentinel-3A is designed to help to observe the oceans and the flow of ocean currents from space and measure the thickness of sea ice and rising sea levels.

The observations should provide evidence about pollution. It is planned that the satellite scans the entire Earth in about a day.

The serious about a ton satellite lifted off with a Rockot launcher from the Plesetsk cosmodrome in northern Russia from. Sentinel-3A reach orbit in about 800 kilometers altitude.

He also sent his first signal to earth. Sentinel-3A (English for: “Guardian”) is by Sentinel-1A and Sentinel-2A, the third of the series of satellites of the European “Copernicus” program

The satellites have different tasks.. Sentinel-1A was launched in April 2014 and can detect the growth of rice, an important indicator for the crop forecast. Sentinel-2A has the health of the forests and plants in mind.

The new environmental “Guardian” has here several instruments. Mission operations expected to start after tests and preparatory work in about five months. The satellites are designed for a mission life of seven years, but have fuel for another five years on board.

Sentinel-3A will follow additional satellites. An identical sentinel 3B is planned for 2017, to be launched from Europe’s spaceport in Kourou, French Guiana with a Vega rocket. The Sentinel data, any additional charge. But they are primarily meant for politicians, entrepreneurs, scientists and agriculture. In the information access at least 16 000 users to

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