Friday, February 5, 2016

Book a Tiger: “We are still seen as technology companies” – Handelsblatt

health insurance, pension insurance, liability and holidays – that is likely to be expensive for start-up, which got along so far with less than 100 office employees. However, the customer will pay more, on average expects Fahrenholz 18 to 18.50 euros per hour. So far, there are on average 16 to 17 euros, the prices vary greatly, depending on which location and in which such short notice to book. Business customers pay more.

In the margin of a book Tiger will the new model have little influence, says Fahrenholz. Test markets had shown that the profitability of permanent employees compared to the self-employed even climb – because overall less people would have to be incorporated, for continuously take over the layers. In addition, customer satisfaction and thus re-booking rate rose.

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What then of. Unlike a conventional cleaning company there? “We are still seen as technology companies,” said Fahrenholz. The hiring process, the training, customer feedback, contracting and shift planning – everything goes in Book a Tiger fully automatically and thus scalable, which means that the cost per customer to fall with increasing number of customers. So the customer his cleaning lady can my app tell where he hid the vacuum cleaner.

If they wanted, claiming Fahrenholz, Book a tiger could operate profitably; that is, if they would cut back on marketing costs. But still wanted the start-up grow once, 700 percent growth it had been, 2015. to be compared with Uber not disturb him, on the contrary, after all, is the a very successful company. The opinion of Travis Kalanick, laws are there to them to work with the hammer, he does not share. The basic principle, to shake up a traditional industry with new technologies, they still have in common.

Even on new features being worked constantly in his company. For the future, says Fahrenholz, he imagines, for example, to build Cleaning Robot under the label Book a Tiger. To prevent the many permanent employees should be redundant again.


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