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High-tech laboratory allows access to the latest technology for small … –

High-Tech Lab allows access to the latest technology for small businesses

22 the BIBA research to production and logistics, and is committed to the transfer of research results into industrial application


Bremen -. The Bremer Institute for production and logistics (BIBA) at the University of Bremen takes a new laboratory in operation: the “Iotfablab” deals with developments in the field of the “Internet of things” (Iot, “Internet of things”). It will facilitate the transfer of research results into industrial applications, thereby supporting the way for industry 4.0 for small and medium-sized enterprises practical.

“Fab Lab” stands for “fabrication laboratory” (fabrication laboratory). These high-tech workshops to facilitate access to new technologies and tools. Fab Labs thus serve the exchange of science and industry. Its task is to pull down barriers and fear of the unknown, promote development and to foster the practical application. They appeal to a wider audience and thus provide even small and medium enterprises without own respective departments an entry and access to new technologies, the BIBA. So this could then participate more quickly to developments, they say.

The new Fab Lab is engaged in the “Internet of Things”, the industry the central background -4.0-development. Their aim is to improve networking in production and logistics, and creating self-governing systems. The “Internet of things” opened production facilities according to the Bremer Institute great opportunities to remain competitive worldwide and to increase.

In Germany this was the term ” industry 4.0 “was coined. It refers to the networking of the production process along the entire value and supply chain, including the equipment and products. Equipped with communication and information technology, these objects “smart” (smart) are information may collect, process and store and so interact with other objects, people and IT systems. This gives them the ability to respond to their environment and even to control processes.

The “Iotfablab” is among others equipped with a RFID equipment to automatic, contactless identification and localization of objects by electromagnetic waves, wearable computing systems, industrial sensors for the design of “smart products” and an IT infrastructure for the acquisition, processing and visualization of data.

As part of the 5th International Conference on Dynamics in Logistics, which takes place from 22 to 25 February at BIBA, which is “officially put into operation.



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