Monday, February 8, 2016

Telecommunications – Newspaper: Google integrates VR technology in Android – Sü

Direct from the dpa news channel

San Francisco (dpa) – Google amplified according to a newspaper report the focus on virtual reality

The technologies that. Help users can immerse themselves in virtual worlds are to be integrated directly into the smartphone operating system Android in part, wrote the “Financial Times” in on Monday night. The plan also has a new version of “Cardboard” glasses in which ensures the display of an inserted smart phones for the pictures in a stereoscope.

is the new glasses get a housing made of plastic instead of cardboard and additional sensors, it said, citing informed people. They would thus be the model Gear VR similar, the Samsung had brought the end of last year for its smartphones on the market. Even Apple shows interest in the VR technology.

This year, several high-tech models of VR goggles come on the market, which have their own screen and many sensors instead of an inserted phone. Soon the long-awaited spectacle of Rift now belonging to Facebook pioneer Oculus to be delivered, Sony is in the starting blocks with the Playstation VR for its game console. And the smartphone vendor HTC is the model Vive.

This upgraded eyeglasses require a lot of computing power and are likely to be used mainly for games initially. VR-based smartphones deemed effective alternative for the masses. Google demonstrated, for example, an application for its Street View service Street View.


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