Wednesday, February 10, 2016

APA-IT Informations Technologie GmbH: APA-IT is central video portal for … – Daily Mirror

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13 brands access to centralized portal for moving picture to – more in planning Vienna (ots) – the theme “video” for several years moved the industry already, but set in 2016 media actually increased on moving images. This production and distribution are technically optimally, decided styria digital one (sd one) for creating the APA-IT Video Services a central portal for managing and playback of video.

The Video Management system of APA-IT supports processes of all 13 brands (,,,,,,, ,,,,,, from the standardized streaming to customized production workflow. Live video and stored video are provided for different players and players available

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Alexis Johann, Managing sd one explains his intention: “We combine many brands in our media house, it was important for us to implement a central technical solution that still allows for individual needs. enter into Publisher. With the video services of APA-IT that works smoothly, and we know also a reliable partner in Austria on our side, which is at all times. “In particular, the complete control over whether and to what video advertising can be recorded, as a crucial . Plus point, Johann explained

Alexander Falchetto, CEO APA-IT, stresses the innovative safety: “As we developed the video services in our company, our customers can rely on a quick implementation of individual needs. We also place this year our focus on the topic of video, which is why we continue to develop our products and services forward-looking “

For more information about the APA-IT video services. [Http:// /Site/] (

for more information on trend’s “video”: [http: // www.] (

About APA-IT

The APA-IT Informations Technologie GmbH offers complete solutions with focus on the areas of media Solutions and IT outsourcing As a subsidiary of APA -… Austria Press Agency operates the APA-IT infrastructure of the Austrian news agency and numerous other media outlets Established systems and tools are continuously developed and tailored to individual customer needs focus is APA-IT to its customers as a reliable partner – from conception to operation – available. Expertise and understanding of the industry make the company a specialist in IT solutions by publishers and companies with media-related tasks.

Together with the branch Gentics software that specializes in content management and publishing solutions, are established systems and tools continuously developed and tailored to individual customer needs

for further information:. APA – Austria Presse Agentur Barbara Rauchwarter company spokeswoman Head of marketing & amp; Communications Tel .: +43 1 360 60-5700 E-mail:

Digital Press: / press kit / 288 / aom


Press portal Newsroom: APA-IT Informations technology GmbH


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