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 Wirecard denied the allegations by Zatarra and takes legal action.
Wirecard denied the allegations by Zatarra and takes legal action. (© / alex Saberi)

After critical review of Zatarra Investigations and Research, the share of technology and financial services company Wirecard fell by 15 percent.

Wirecard shares are under massive pressure on Wednesday after a dubious and the company now denied report. The paper broke with record sales in the peak by nearly a quarter to 32 euros – this was the lowest rate since November 2014. The market value fell so in the peak around 1.3 billion euros. Experts spoke of rampant speculation and a renewed “Short-attack”, is earned in the money with falling prices. Wirecard is according to traders because of the business model and the rapid price rise in recent years, vulnerable to attacks of this type.

After a denial of the Group the price recovered somewhat. In addition, corporate chef Markus Braun bought more shares of Wirecard worth 4.3 million euro during today’s turmoil. On the early afternoon but was still a drop of 11.72 percent to 37.63 euros on the price list. Until the early afternoon almost 5.5 million papers are on Xetra been traded – as much as several years no longer. On the whole previous day, only 617,069 papers had been traded.

Since the paper with a market capitalization of around 4.7 billion one of the heavyweights in TecDAX is, it was also for the technology selection index down hard.

Wirecard takes steps

This was happened in the morning: The previously unknown Research service Zatarra whose website was registered on 17 February a few days ago, had raised serious allegations against Wirecard. The “Financial Times” had taken in her Internet blog FTAlphaville the Zatarra report. The attention to the market soared and the stock broke on heavy volume a.

The Payment Processor fought shortly thereafter against the new allegations to its business practices. Accusations against Wirecard and his colleagues in the round gereichten paper were defamatory and completely untrue, the company said. Take legal action against the “dubious” Author had initiated. “We assume that the disclosure of the report would adversely affect our stock price,” said a spokeswoman.

Classical attack by short sellers

” Wirecard is once again the victim of rampant speculation, “said merchant Andreas Lipkow from asset managers Kliegel & amp; Hafner. Investors had a deja vu of a few years ago when the stock also was the focus of professional short sellers.

Another expert who asked not to be known, drew attention to the market reoccurring reports of various houses that deal in individual, non-regular studies with Wirecard. After the declaration of the company to the current report, he saw no reason to doubt Wirecard. Mostly would be taken very old allegations. These would have to credit card companies, the customers of payment systems provider are to be known. but they preferred no consequences.

“A classic,” said a broker. Wirecard was in the past has often such Attacks of investors, which is a mood damper to Good. Short sellers borrow from other dealers papers to sell them and later when buying again. Last dealers in early February had spoken of such a “Short-attack”, as if made reports on a system failure for uncertainty

Despite SDK & amp. Co 1500 percent plus since the beginning of 2006

The most spectacular attack against Wirecard 2008 were studies of protection of Shareholders (SdK) on alleged misleading accounting methods in the summer. Wirecard had this on a special report by Ernst & amp; Young invalidated. In addition, it was revealed that some SdK members had bet on falling Wirecard courses. Two years later, made a false report of an Internet portal for heavy losses.

In the long term have the reoccurring attacks, rumors and speculation the rise of company in the stock market is not harmed. In the past decade, the share price despite recent losses 1,500 percent.

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