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invite smartphone battery in 15 minutes: New Oppo technology makes it possible

smartphone maker Oppo has a new technology announced with “Super VOOC Flash charge”, complete with a phone within 15 minutes should be charged. The VOOC successor to appear “in the near future”.

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(Screenshot: Oppo.com)

Oppo: smartphone battery in 15 minutes load

the Chinese electronics manufacturer Oppo should this country mainly for its smartphones like the Oppo N1 be known. Now the company has announced a successor to its fast charging technology “VOOC Flash Charge”. “Super VOOC Flash batch” should be able to fully charge a smartphone battery with a capacity of 2,500 mAh in just 15 minutes. The best: The by Oppo as “fastest smartphone charging technology in the world” described technology is to come “in the near future” on the market

Oppo smartphones wants with Super VOOC in just 15 minutes to load completely – soon. (Image: Oppo)

the success of its predecessor speak for an early launch – 17 million with VOOC equipped smartphones to be sold within two years after the introduction of fast charge system in China – and the test status of Super VOOC. The technology has reached the final testing phase within the research and development process, Oppo informed

Oppo. New Charging System for Super-VOOC

Compared to VOOC has super VOOC two large improvements spendiert get: First, the technology uses a completely new low-voltage pulse-charging system, secondly a specially adapted battery. The combination of both is to facilitate fast load time.

For security, the low voltage of five volts, the technology supports Micro-USB and USB Type-C cable provides. When exactly first smartphones to hit the market with the new charging technology, Oppo has not yet given away

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