Friday, February 19, 2016

New technology: smartphone battery should hold for 7 days – (blog)

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The smartphone more than a week, without having to also charge it only once – a hitherto utopian. In just two years, but this should actually be possible by a new technology from the UK.

While smartphones more and more, the batteries themselves seem to develop relatively slowly. Large, bright displays, fast processors, and the variety of installed applications suck the battery of a smartphone nowadays empty in most cases less than 24 hours. are already longer than alternative fuel in conversation that mobile devices could provide away from power outlets with energy. The British company Intelligent Energy will now get down to business and is a collaboration with an unspecified smartphone maker received. The aim of this cooperation: fuel cell batteries for smartphones should be ready for the market within two years. Should rise this plan, then could smartphone users use their devices more than a week, without having to connect to an external power source. “We offer a clean and efficient solution truly mobile and free from the constraints of the current system with the user.” Says Julian Hughes of Intelligent Energy.

So far could the technology be realized by any manufacturer, because fuel cells are still too large to be used in smartphones. Furthermore, the new technology in terms of safety not fully developed: hydrogen, are operated with the fuel cell, can easily ignite if damaged cells. then sufficient to ignite even theoretically from the electrostatic charge dissipation of clothes. It is also questionable how much fuel in Smartphones affect the price of the equipment. Whether Intelligent Energy can deal with these issues within the next two years and we will truly saved from constant charging remains to be seen


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