Thursday, February 4, 2016

CO2-skimmed milk processing technology developed – Elite Magazine Online

CO2-skimmed milk processing technology developed


At the Karlsruhe Institute of technology (KIT) is an energy-saving and environmentally friendly process for milk processing was developed to market maturity. the process in several projects of the Industrial Community Research (IGF) has been prepared under the supervision of Prof. Heike Schuch man. The research of the German Food Industry (FEI) announced last week (25.01.) With that this new technology at the same homogenization and mixing can ( “simultaneous homogenization and mixing (SHM)), which leads over the conventional homogenization energy savings of up to 90%. If this technology throughout Germany are used, the CO would 2 emissions reduce the German dairy processing more than 60,000 tons per year, according to the FEI. The simultande homogenization and mixing is not only CO 2 less volatile, but also cost-effective in the investment and in the process. Compared to traditional homogenization could with the alternative method and color, consistency and taste of the milk products are “improved”. (EEs)


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