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 spectrum 2 The paths of K ünstlern and academics intersect rare. If they do it, it will be exciting! The Project Space SPECTRUM provides them for a community center, a discussion platform and a B ühne. When visiting the numerous events we drop into the world of interdisciplinarity shown.

Photo: Anna Blattner

As Lieke Ploeger, project manager at the Open Knowledge Foundation , and the media artist Alfredo Ciannameo rebuilt completely in the summer of 2014, the old bakery in the neighborhood Maybach, their concept with the development of this area grows. They tear down the walls, pull new high, find cast-iron doors on eBay Classifieds to match the monumental architecture of the old house. The former sales room transform it into a bar, where the past takes you to the rear, the most spectacular part: a five-meter high room with a stage and everything you need to sound and projection equipment to art, technology and science in front of a to connect public.

knowledge for all and for free

technology and means they have paid out of pocket. The room rent fund them just so on the revenue of the bar, but money it is not the two: you want to generate a formation center, a laboratory if you will, are the contents open to all interested parties. This is where different communities, such as the Smell Lab, experimenting in the sense of smell, or the movLab, work in the developers, researchers and dancers on the digitization of movement.

 spectrum 3_nk

on the stage to introduce yourself experts from diverse . disciplines

regularly meets in SPECTRUM and the Science hacking Stammtisch – an existing community that has set itself the goal of scientific approaches to a problem, so the “hacking” of a complex task to present a diverse audience and to make as transdisciplinary applicable. At the annual Science Hack Day meet to programmers, designers, artists and techies each other.

Experimental and mesmerizing

showed recently the Society for Nontrival Pursuits, a group largely consisting of students and alumni of the University of Arts degree program Generative Art / Computational Art, experimental in the spectrum Space performance art. With homemade Loopstations, programmed sound algorithms and whole body they flood the audience with impressions, so it roars up to the ceiling. On screen flicker glowing particles that screw to hypnotic swirls. An artist sings widely spaced tones in a feedback loop, distorted and superimposed them, till complete dissolution of the previously heard. And yet, the versatile technology used does not hide here the artist himself. The atmosphere of a community, a working space can be clearly felt. So how Lieke and Alfredo have imagined in their vision.

 Full size render 3_nk

Storming pixels in the performance of the Society for Nontrival Pursuits.

the development continues

The community is growing! Lieke and Alfredo crosslink SPECTRUM with events such as the Long Night of Science. Also they plan to apply for funding and to set up a workshop with a 3D printer and laser cutter in another back room, so that the communities not only discuss here and present but their science art can also be produced.


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