Friday, February 12, 2016

New Technology: detect terrorists in fog – – the Middle East News

Hod Hasharon (inn) – fog no longer serves as a protective coat for terrorists: The Army uses soon a newly developed in Israel Camera for poor visibility

The Israeli army can their enemies in the future through. make fog through. A newly developed by the Israeli company “Controp” based in Hod Hasharon camera with infrared technology enables high-quality images. With the special camera called “Savir” can be despite fog or recognize silhouettes moving body, which are up to 20 kilometers away.

So far, the army had to rely on conventional technologies such as radar to track suspicious movements. However, that was not reliable: Whether it is an animal or a human, is not to be recognized. Terrorists it made often exploited and attacked in the morning mist. In this way it was possible about Hamas to kidnap -Terroristen in 2006, the soldier Gilad Shalit and killing several of his comrades. The army found itself in this position compelled to increase their observation posts in the morning and increase readiness.

The “Savir” is on the ground and at sea use. The 65 kg heavy equipment can be mounted on drones for aerial surveillance. According to the newspaper “Yediot Aharonot”, the army, the new technology replaced next month. (Df)


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