Friday, August 7, 2015

UN Day of Indigenous Peoples: New communication technology is … – Agência latina press


Ahead of the International Day of Indigenous Peoples of the United Nations on Sunday, August 9, Survival International has launched a unique project. The Global Movement for the Rights of Indigenous Peoples has provided a cutting-edge communications technology to some of the world’s most isolated indigenous communities living. The project called “Tribal Voice” is the first of its kind and allows indigenous communities that do not have Internet connection to send video messages in which they talk about their lives and their struggle for survival. Thus, the Indians reached a worldwide audience in real-time. So far, the Guarani and the Yanomami in Brazil to use the project

Mariazinha of the Yanomami community Rokoari stated in the very first Tribal Voice Video:. “Today, the communications equipment has arrived and I am very happy. (…) If we encounter illegal gold mining on our land or when outsiders try to kill us, I can let everyone know. (…) We will be able to work with people who live far away to communicate. “The Yanomami are the largest, living in relative isolation, indigenous people in South America. Your country and their lives are constantly threatened by illegal gold miners who pollute their rivers and bring in diseases against which the Yanomami have little resistance. A leader of the Guarani spoke to Survival, ‘We have been saying for years that we need to be able to communicate with the people in Brazil and around the world. This project is just what we’ve been waiting all the time. “

The living in southwestern Brazil’s Guarani have lost much of their land to cattle ranches and sugar plantations. Their leaders are being targeted by gunmen who are hired by the ranchers to kill her and attack the indigenous communities. Recently laid attacker fire in a Guarani community after the indigenous part of their ancestral land occupied again.

The project “Tribal Voice” will indigenous peoples against governments and multinational companies that try to silence bring to give a voice. The indigenous people will be able to share with the world their views about their environment, lifestyles and visions for the future



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