Friday, August 21, 2015

Conference on 9 September in Berlin: “The promises of the law” –

The 2015-promises-of-law From 9 to 11 September 2015 found at the Humboldt University of Berlin, the conference “The promises of the law” instead. It is now the third meeting of the German legal sociology associations.

reveals a look at the comprehensive program, that there will be (Session 3D), a panel titled “Copyright, technology and artistic production”. The idea of ​​this panel is to obtain legal and social science perspectives on the relationship between intellectual property rights and demands of artistic production. In a total of four lectures and a joint discussion the promises of copyright shall be pointed out and illustrated by practical examples of music and film production.

The panel will be jointly organized by Frédéric Döhl (Department of Music and Musicology, TU Dortmund), Georg Fischer (Research Training Innovation Society today, Department of Sociology, TU Berlin), Rike Maier (Alexander von Humboldt Institute for Internet and Society) and Holger Schwetter (Department of Sociology, TU Dresden). It will take place on 9 September from 16.30 bis 18.00 clock


  1. Rike Maier: Copyright and engineering using an example of hosting platforms
  2. Frédéric Döhl: Beyond the copyright: the figure of the producer on the example of the mashup genre
  3. Georg Fischer: music, recycling, society – Digital music production between Remix, rights clearance and referential creativity
  4. Holger Schwetter: From the pragmatic approach of independent musicians with copyright
  5. Joint Discussion

More information can be found on the main page of the conference and the abstracts of the panels and individual presentations.

This is a cross post from the blog of the “Right to Remix”, which asks in a petition for support, including the link to the personal favorite remix, and invites you to stroll in the online remix Museum.


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