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Technology for use in Africa: New HIV test from Jena allowed – Ostthüringer newspaper

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         The company Alere wants the life expectancy of HIV-infected children increase: The new technology is to be used in Africa.


 The employees of Alere Technologies in Jena have reached an important milestone. The mobile HIV testing system “ Alere q” received the European certification as an approved medical device.
“Our new development allows future rapid and ubiquitous HIV diagnosis of newborns of HIV-infected mothers,” says Ralf Labugger. The device, just as big as a laser printer does not need laboratory conditions in order to do its work – and is necessary even without electricity. A drop of blood in a disposable cartridge is enough to cause the HIV detection. The device is primarily aimed at African countries south of the Sahara , the most most affected by the disease. For patients, the new technology brings a significant gain in time. Once the blood samples were days or weeks on the way to the central laboratory. In many cases, the result did not reach the family if they had left with their offspring once the medical station. A necessary treatment failed to materialize. The advantage of the new technology from Jena : Either gets the family within a few hours the redeeming message that the child is healthy. Or the lifesaving therapy can begin immediately, which increases the life expectancy of the year 250 000. newly infected children significantly.

Foundation of Bill Gates supports Alere

The employees of Alere Technologies have been working on innovation in 2008. In Mozambique Jena tested their technique in everyday life, to bring the device to market. Manager Klaus Shindlbeck expects a good sales. From the little brother of the now approved appliance Jena have sold 6000 pieces and make five million cartridges per year. A similar stand will Shindlbeck reached after three years at the q-series. However, the countries concerned can not afford the technology at all? Yes, replied the manager. The investigation is more cost-effective than the previously completed in the central laboratory analyzes. In addition, international organizations encourage the acquisition of technology. Good prospects for the company, which is part of the US group Alere 13 000 employees. At the location Jena busy Alere 400 employees and an annual turnover of 30 million euros. The approval of the new product is for Shindlbeck but only the beginning of a new era, “offers considerable potential”. The research department is working on similar near-patient testing procedures as for Ebola and hepatitis. The foundation of Microsoft founder Bill Gates supported with 21.6 million US dollars to develop a TB rapid tests.


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