Wednesday, August 12, 2015

How technology can save and prolong life – Gulli

The death frightens many people, which is why we would like him to go out of the way. But the life of the people is limited – yet. Google, or now Alphabet, operates the subsidiaries Calico, which conducts research to longer life spans. And many other scientists working on similar technologies.

advances the development in the field of medicine rapidly advancing

will be at the University of Illinois, for example in ultra-thin, flexible electronics Silicone Papers worked, the wrap around organs in the body or to inflate in vein. These flakes also contain sensors which send data on the organs. Scientists at MIT are developing a kind of “living” nylon bandage which includes nanotechnology, organic elements such as drugs which are released in a given time and so heal wounds or to fight disease.

In addition, is the Massachusetts General Hospital worked on a new association, the green turns when the healing is good, yellow, if you should be worried and red when the skin is not receiving enough oxygen. At the University Medical Center in Columbia, researchers are developing special proteins that adding a meniscus created in 3D printer and which ensure that the cartilage in the knee on its own be established.

The technologies in the medical sector are developing rapidly continue. Diseases can always be detected earlier and treated more effectively and at some point you will be safe as far as that one slows the aging process. Whether that’s a good idea, is another question. Already, the world has to deal with overcrowding. Nevertheless, it is comforting to know of many patients view that science does much to help – whether the pharmaceutical industry but feels the same way there? / Off


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