Friday, August 14, 2015

Harvesting specialist: tires with Very High Flexion Technology –

The new tires from Mitas is made especially for harvesting machines. He has a higher maximum load capacity and required during cyclic field operations a lower inflation pressure.

The Mitas VF 710/70 R42 CFO HC 3000 for harvesters.
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The new tires from Mitas to the complicated Name VF 710 / 70R42 CFO HC 3000 is designed especially for harvesting machines. The VF behalf comes from the abbreviation for Very High Flexion (VF) technology.

Compared to standard tires of the same size for harvesters need of
   Mitas tires 26 percent less inflation pressure during
 cyclic field operations, resulting in a significantly lower
 Soil compaction results. The new tires are available in the market in July.

Thanks to the dimensions of the HC 3000 can be reached Mitas According to a lower overall vehicle width,
 what mobility brings.

With the HC 3000 speeds up to 50 km / h, the load capacity is up to 14.3 tonnes (15 km / h

The main advantage of Very High Flexion tire Mitas According to its
 Ability at any speed a constant filling pressure
 maintain. A special feature of the tires was the VF
 highly flexible side wall, which creates a larger contact patch.


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